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What pedals do you currently use?

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

What pedals do you currently use?

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What pedals do you currently use?

I'm wondering what the majority of people use for road cycling. I use the Shimano Dura Ace 7810 and Ultegra 6700 on my bikes.
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6800...expecting the better part of a decade's worth of service life.
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Ultegra, not sure of the series.
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XTR trail.
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Speedplay X circa 2003
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Ultegra SPD-SLs - oldish but still excellent
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Ultegra 8000 on each of my carbon road bikes.
XTR on my cross bike
XT on my steel road bike
XT with the useless pseudo platform looking extra hunks of aluminum on my touring bike
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Shimano 5800 on my road bike. Wellgo rat trap platforms on my mtn bike.
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candy 2
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Mostly Iclic system: Time Xpresso 6 and 10 - also have some Mavic Zxellium, which have evidently been discontinued.
They could stand to be a little more durable (cleats are guarded, but they wear), and I had a pedal snap in a race once, but they are so super easy, light weight, and good looking, I still love 'em....

Power Grips platforms and straps on TCX; MKS GR-9 platforms with double strap toe clips on Vigorelli.

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Speedplay Zeros on both bikes.
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DA on road bike, lately XTR on CX,

eggbeater on SSCX, Candy on mtn bike,

older DA on vintage, which I never ride.
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XPedo Thrust SL ti on nice bike
Generic Look Keo-compatibles on bad weather bike
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Look Keo Blade Carbon
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As of about 6:30 PM today Shimano XT M8040 in the large size with the 2mm non abrasive pins. My feet have never felt more comfortable on a bicycle ever.
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cowboy, steel horse, etc
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PD-M520. They just work.
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A Roadie Forever
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My knees don't like float at all so that really limits my pedal choices. Old fashioned LOOK Deltas with black cleats except, being cheap, I get the Forte copies. On my fix gears, I use (slightly modified) Shimano 600 semi-platforms with toeclips and straps and traditional slotted cleats. (Exustar makes really good cleats that use the 3-bolt pattern.) I modify the pedals with a big steel pickup tab and heavy washers held on with the toeclip bolts to get the proper hang for quick pickup. A real fix gear plus on hills if I ever have to stop. That missed pickup uphill on a 42-17 can be a leg breaker that I pay for all the rest of the day!

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Speedplay Zeros
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MKS Urban Platforms/clips/straps. I got rid of the stiff soled shoes and the Plantar Fasciitis went away. I'm guessing my ability slipped some. I didn't have any to start with anyway, so no big loss.
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look keo
xt on mtb
"Your beauty is an aeroplane;
so high, my heart cannot bear the strain." -A.C. Jobim, Triste
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Keos on Road and CB Candy's on Gravel and MTB
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Speedplay zeros on my road bike
Speedplay Syzr on my gravel bike
Time Atac platforms on my fatbike
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Non omnino gravis
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Look S-Track. Discontinued, and I'm hoarding sets in my workshop. Because I love them.
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Various iterations of Ultegra spd-sl. 6800 on the race bike.
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