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NoWhammies 02-25-19 11:59 AM

Bend, OR - routes and places to stay
Hello folks,

The wife and I are looking at cycling trips this summer. I'm leaning to Winthrop, but the wife is talking about Bend, OR. So...

If we were to do a summer holiday of rides out of Bend, that is using Bend as our home base and then doing day rides out and back each day...
  • Where would you recommend we stay (i.e. do you have a specific resort / etc.)
  • Where would you recommend we ride? Or where would you recommend we find routes to ride?
The plan is to do rides anywhere from 80k to 180k each day during the week, with likely a day off in there somewhere.

Thanks for your time.

Seattle Forrest 02-25-19 12:45 PM

I love Winthrop, and know a lot of great rides there. I haven't been to Bend in a very long time. But if you go to Bend, and if you drive, try to hit the Painted Hills on the way in or out.

ldmataya 02-25-19 01:56 PM

When we don't stay with my daughter, we like to rent an Airbnb right downtown, as close to the river as possible. Then everything is walking distance but you are still essentially in a residential neighborhood. We do 1/3 road and 2/3 mtb or hiking, so I haven't ridden all of the good road routes yet. But the basic one is Cascade highway out to Mt. Bachelor and back. Then there are several routes used by the Cascade Classic stage race. I did one of those that ended up being 120k for us - but I need to look those up again. If not sure just go down to Hutch's Bikes on Columbia street - they will know.

If you get time, drive out to Prineville, park at the city park on Hwy 27 on south side of town and ride Crooked River highway out and back as far as you care. Wonderful canyon-like route.

Our favorite hike is Tumolo Falls - gps will usually find Tumolo Falls road.

Jackson's Corner is our go to for good food at good price. There are two of them. After 5 hours on the road Pizza Mondo is really really good to finish up with (that and a few beers). Back porch coffee is my favorite coffee stop - there are two of those.

Don't go today - they are expecting another foot of snow.

NoWhammies 02-26-19 10:37 AM

@Seattle Forrest I'm pulling for riding out of Winthrop. The wife is looking at Bend. So we'll gather our information and then figure out where to go.

@ldmataya Thanks for mentioning about then to go. We're thinking of going in August. Good tips on where to see and hike, so thanks. We don't mtb so all of our rides will be road. I know some people log their rides in to Garmin Connect, so I'll have to log in there and see what people have done and suggested.

GuitarBob 02-27-19 05:34 PM

This isn't a ride right out of Bend, but climbing McKenzie Pass out of Sisters special enough that I thought I'd mention it.

indyfabz 02-28-19 05:18 AM

Originally Posted by GuitarBob (Post 20815196)
This isn't a ride right out of Bend, but climbing McKenzie Pass out of Sisters special enough that I thought I'd mention it.

+1. And the east slope is McKenzie is the easier side. Bend to Sisters is about 25 mile each way. Ride there, climb to the pass and then head back. Plenty of eats and drinks in Sisters. The above is the observatory atop McKenzie.

If you want epic, make the 90 min. drive to Crater Lake and ride Rim Drive.

NoWhammies 02-28-19 11:09 AM

Whoa. Very cool. Thanks!

Seattle Forrest 02-28-19 11:56 AM

Crater Lake is pretty spectacular. I was there in June, years ago, planning to camp and there was still 6 feet of snow on the ground. Would make a spectacular evening ride.

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