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78rr 03-04-19 05:53 AM

Lynskey R480

Lynskey R480

This is the first bike I assembled myself.

Paul Barnard 03-04-19 06:25 AM

Nice looking bike. How do you like it and what crankset are you running?

78rr 03-04-19 07:19 AM

Originally Posted by Paul Barnard (Post 20821566)
Nice looking bike. How do you like it and what crankset are you running?

Thanks, I am using campagnolo chours 2015 and it feels great.

datlas 03-04-19 07:21 AM

Kudos. Looks great.

jadocs 03-04-19 11:20 AM

Beautiful frame!

MoAlpha 03-04-19 02:02 PM

Great looking bike. I am very pleased with my Lynskey.

rjones28 03-05-19 09:43 PM

Looks good. :thumb:

78rr 03-06-19 05:35 AM

Thank you all.

I bought the frame through the Lynskey performance website. Their service is very good and the logistics is very fast.
I would like to thank their operations director Brett and product specialist Alex.

And David, although my frame is not customized, but he personally selected the pipe for me to supervise the production. Before the frame left the factory, he personally checked and confirmed the frame before sending it to me.

This is my first time assembling a bicycle. It took me three days at home and I was very happy.

bikejrff 03-06-19 06:46 PM

Very nice bike.

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