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lesliewong 05-04-19 05:46 PM

De Rosa Primato Fork Question
I'm looking at a CL ad for a De Rosa Primato. It has a welded unicrown fork that the seller says matches the frame serial number. I thought the steel De Rosa's used two blades and a crown.

Did/Does De Rosa make forks like this for the Primato?

Litespud 05-04-19 06:03 PM

I went looking for images of a Primato (as opposed to a Neo Primato) and I found examples with sloping crown forks, more traditional-looking flat crown forks (probably a correct term here but it escapes me) and what looked like a chromed unicrown fork. Do the same and see if you can find a credible example that looks like your CL ad

FBOATSB 05-04-19 06:29 PM

lesliewong 05-06-19 12:20 AM

Thanks, Litespud & FBOATSB. I guess my initial image search was inadequate because I just found photos of 1990s and a 2004 Primato that had a unicrown fork, though I initially saw almost all semi-sloping and flat fork crowns.

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