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ttusomeone 06-02-19 11:44 AM

Kuat Trio - using 15x100 instead of 12x100
I've got Kuat Trios on both my car and my wife's car. Love these bike racks.

My question for the group is this. My road and gravel bikes, and my wife's road bike, are all 12x100 thru axle. The Trio comes with a 15x100 sleeve. How big a deal is it to use the 15x100 sleeve versus buying the 12x100 sleeve?

Obviously there would be some play with the axle when mounted, but if tightened down how big a deal is this?

For background, I also have a hitch mounted rack that we use for long trips. The roof rack is for shorter trips where it isn't worth getting the hitch rack out of the shed (so hour of driving or less). Also I've used the 15x100 several times now with the 12x100 axles and haven't noticed an issue.

shoota 06-02-19 06:46 PM

Get a 12mm sleeve.

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