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illjustride 01-14-20 05:37 AM

How Many Pairs Of Road Shoes Do You Have?
Anyone ride with the same pair all year round? Was thinking of getting a black pair and a white pair for races and to match my different helmets. Curious what people are doing.

Amt0571 01-14-20 05:41 AM

None. I only have mountain bike shoes and use mountain style SPD pedals on all my bikes. I like being able to walk if necessary.

BTW, I only have one pair of shoes.

Had 2 pairs until recently, but gave the old one to a friend as I didn't use it and he didn't had much money.

Machka 01-14-20 05:44 AM

Road shoes? I think I've still got a pair from back in the day when I wore road shoes.

I switched to mtn bike shoes in 2003.

indyfabz 01-14-20 06:57 AM

1. All I need.

topflightpro 01-14-20 07:05 AM

I currently have 6 pairs of cycling shoes:
  • 2 pairs of semi custom Riivo road shoes with four-bolt pattern for Speedplay, velcro straps and buckles.
  • Full custom Riivo track shoes, with laces and a buckle
  • Lake CX-1 lace ups
  • Specialized Pro Road that I added laces under the velcro straps and buckles
  • Specialized Pro Mtb.
One pair of the Riivo road shoes sits next to the trainer bike while the other stays in the gear bag for outdoor rides. The Track Riivos and Lakes come with me to the track or when I'm on the track bike - I use Keos on that bike. The Specialized Pro Road are my very old road shoes that I used on the track for awhile. They are mostly an uber emergency backup. MTB shoes are for any off-road riding - cross, gravel, mtb.

(On another note, I recently counted, and I'm sitting at about 20 jerseys and 15 pairs of bibs.)

bruce19 01-14-20 07:22 AM

Two...Specialized (older) and Sidi (brand new).

Dan333SP 01-14-20 07:40 AM

I have way too many, mostly from the era when I was trying to decide what works best for me, and it's hard to sell used shoes so they accumulate. Maybe 8 pairs of road shoes? I have one primary, newish outdoor pair and one primary trainer pair (older, more worn out, don't mind if they get a perma-stink), the rest are in boxes somewhere.

travelerman 01-14-20 07:54 AM

Four, but I only use three of them; one older PI's for indoors, one for cooler weather or dirty (gravel) riding, and a new pair of Giro Techlaces, that I'm saving for when warmer weather hits. The fourth pair is the first cycling-specific I bought (for around $70), and just haven't been able to make myself toss.

mstateglfr 01-14-20 07:55 AM

0 road shoes. No interest in walking in them.
1 pair of MTB shoes.

I still have my old MTB shoes stored away. Havent touched em in a few years.

Andrey 01-14-20 08:27 AM

I always had more than one for different reasons, after riding in the rain or in muddy conditions takes a couple of days for the shoes to dry and I need to ride the following day. Some shoes are easier to walk in, some easier(more efficient) to pedal (softer shoes vs stiffer shoe).
Also I use road and MTB cleats for different bikes.

Now I have 6 pairs:
3 road shoes with KEO cleats- two SIDIs, one Specialized
3 MTB shoes- two Bontrager and one Shimano winter shoe.

Rides4Beer 01-14-20 08:41 AM

Two pair of spd-sl shoes for the road bike, two pairs of spd mtb shoes for the gravel bike. That way if a pair gets wet, I can ride the next day while they dry out. Switching the next road bike to spd pedals, like others have mentioned, it's nice to be able to walk, and they're easier to use. I only went with spd-sl because that's what all the other roadies were doing. lol

Welshboy 01-14-20 09:25 AM

Four but one pair gets an all-year round hammering!

1. Shimano RT51 with three velcro straps is always my first choice and I just wish I'd stashed away a few pairs. Most comfortable shoes ever and I just love the Ultegra quality PD-A600 SPD pedals.

2. Shimano RT33 with two velcro straps are my back-up if the above get soaked (I don't like overshoes).

3. Shimano RT82 with two velcro straps and a ratchet. I'm keeping these for 'best' but I wish they were RT51's!

4. Diadoro something or another with Look Keo plates... and in white! These were used twice on Newport Velodrome. Nice shoes but I can't see me using them again.

noodle soup 01-14-20 09:53 AM

2 pairs of these (one black, one white) Shimano cleats

2 pairs of these (1 new in the box) Shimano cleats

1 pair with Look Delta cleats

1 pair with Speedplay cleats

NoWhammies 01-14-20 10:34 AM

I have three pairs of shoes.

One for mtb
One for road cycling
One for spin class

That said, I am thinking about picking up another pair for road cycling. Why though, I'm not really sure because my road shoes are still doing the job just fine. Variety maybe?

SpinClassSara 01-14-20 10:36 AM


a lot.

every color but green and one that's multicolored!

Succhia Ruota 01-14-20 11:06 AM

  1. Clean
  2. Dirty

Sojodave 01-14-20 12:35 PM

I have 5 pairs of road shoes and I just ordered some Giro Empire ACC in red...:D

tony2v 01-14-20 02:31 PM

I'm Filipino and embrace my shoe heritage...........thanks Imelda.
  • Three pair Giro Empire SLX: White: Ultraviolet and Lava Reflective
  • Two pair Giro Factor Techlace: Black and Vermillion/Black
  • Giro Empire ACC: Red
  • Giro Prolight SLXII
  • Giro Privateer
  • Bont A-One
  • Sidi Genius 5.5

bpcyclist 01-14-20 02:38 PM

One really nice pair of Sidi Genius 7s or something. They are great year-round.

canklecat 01-14-20 03:08 PM

Two, for now. I still prefer Look or Shimano SPD-SL cleats, although they're not good for walking.

Scott Road Pro, which are well ventilated summer shoes -- basically sandals with rigid soles and just enough supportive material on top to do the job.

Fizik Tempo, for cooler weather. Not bad but not as well ventilated as the Scott shoes. And they fit inside my snug Peal Izumi winter shoe covers. Just Velcro straps, no buckles or boas.

I just use big platform pedals on my hybrids. And I've ridden my road bikes with platforms for months at a time. Not really much difference in speed and performance, but rigid sole roadie shoes support my arches better so I have fewer cramps.

Olefeller77 01-14-20 03:22 PM

No road specific shoes. In fact no bicycle specific shoes. I find them quite overpriced and most won't fit my duck feet anyway.

firebird854 01-14-20 03:38 PM

1 SPD-SL Bontrager pair. I bought them with my first road bike back in 2017, some XXX carbon-soled ones, few modal years back, for a decent price. THEY'VE SURVIVED basically everything, 3 different bikes (one of which became a twisted heap of aluminum after I was hit by a car...) many races, multiple 200+mile rides, endlessly sweaty indoor sessions, failed attempts at Everesting, etc.

I've broken the buckles during 3 different crashes, but was able to simply buy a replacement buckle for $20 instead of a whole new shoe, they have marks, have gone through multiple cleats, lasted many thousands of miles, but still function the same.

One day, I might buy new ones, but today is not that day...

caloso 01-14-20 04:05 PM

4: Really old pair of S-Works that I probably should toss or donate; fairly old pair of S-Works that I only wear on the trainer; not so old pair of S-Works that I only wear in the winter with booties; new(er) pair of S-Works that I wear when it's nice.

Seattle Forrest 01-14-20 04:05 PM

Originally Posted by NoWhammies (Post 21283861)
I have three pairs of shoes.

One for mtb
One for road cycling
One for spin class

That said, I am thinking about picking up another pair for road cycling. Why though, I'm not really sure because my road shoes are still doing the job just fine. Variety maybe?

I have 2. Plan is to leave 1 pair in the car during riding season. I love driving my bike to beautiful places to ride, but my memory isn't getting any better with age. I drove 200+ miles once for a ride, and forgot to bring socks. There was nowhere to buy a pair locally. I wrapped my feet in napkins and did the ride. One day I'm afraid I'll forget to bring shoes, and that's a show stopper.

I try not to ride in the rain anymore, but in the PNW you can leave the house with a cloudless sky and find yourself in a downpour an hour later. If tomorrow has better weather I have a dry pair of shoes.

But another reason, the cleats are worn on one pair, and I've been too lazy to replace them, so I just use the other ones instead. This is maybe a chicken and egg thing; it would be more of a priority if I only had one pair.

Also still have a pair of MTB shoes with SPD cleats. Haven't used them in forever. I keep intending to make the shop swap out pedals when I rent a MTB, but a lot of the routes I'm interested in have some hike-a-bike sections.

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