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LukeW78 01-16-20 10:42 AM

Look KG identification.
Can anyone point to a web resource or somewhere in the forums where the differences between the KG frames are detailed well? I just picked up a Look KG that had been stripped of all decals and identification and repainted, and at the moment I am still trying to determine what frame I bought! I'd like to do a clean build of it with new decals etc... if I could only identify it.



RiceAWay 01-16-20 01:39 PM

Post a picture of it.

alcjphil 01-17-20 08:42 AM

The KG is a prefix to the actual model name which is a number. I used to own a KG381 which was only one of many frame models which started with KG and finished with some other 3 digit number. My KG381 is a frame built with shaped carbon fibre tubes bonded into aluminum lugs. The KG386 frame model sold at about the same time was a monocoque carbon fiber frame. There were numerous other Look frames over the years that shared the KG prefix

Cypress 01-17-20 09:49 AM

Please post a picture. I rode a few LOOK's back in the day.

joejack951 01-17-20 12:27 PM

Same here. Pic taken January 2005:

LukeW78 01-17-20 12:45 PM

Sorted! Figured it out... It started life as a 2011 Yellow KG281 ... so sad it was trashed so badly, but getting the carbon looked over for damage before beginning the long road of restoration. Here's the pic I had to work from... until I picked it up. Will probably start a "road to recovery" thread for anyone who wants to follow (or provide tips/advice). Oh and hopefully I don't run into haters here (another forum decided I was supporting bike thievery!), but this was rescued from the orphanage of a police auction. I'm sure it was likely stolen at some point and if the owner comes forward it is theirs! That being said... Register your bike serial numbers with the police! It's the only way they can get it back to you if recovered. I have had a dearly loved child of the two wheeled variety kidnapped by ne'r-do-wells myself in the past, and hope someone rescues it and restores it to a happy healthy life.

Weird... won't let me upload the picture as a file attachment and when it puts it directly into the message it rejects my reply saying that until I have 10 posts I can't have hyperlinks.

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