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Longest Ride, Average Ride, Shortest You'll Go Out For

Road Cycling It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle. -- Ernest Hemingway

Longest Ride, Average Ride, Shortest You'll Go Out For

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Longest Ride, Average Ride, Shortest You'll Go Out For

The thread about taking breaks got me wondering:
  1. What's your longest ride (distance)
  2. What's your average ride (distance)
  3. What's the least mileage you'll bother getting kitted up and out for?
If the distance is not representative of your effort, you can add the time.
For me, (being a noob) it's:
  1. 26 miles
  2. 20 miles
  3. 15 miles
I'm sure there's going to be quite the variation, but I'm curious to see what it's like.
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1. 125 miles.
2. 45 miles
3. 15 miles
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1. 150 miles
2. 35 miles.
3. 18 miles.
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1. 153 miles
2. 40 miles
3. 20 miles
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1. 120 miles
2. 50 miles
3. 20 miles
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!. 108 miles (hopeful for 125 this spring)
2. 50-60 miles
3. 30 miles
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Longest: 101mi
Average: 12 mi
Shortest worth changing: 4 mi*

* Commuting in summer when it is already 85F in Sacramento at 8am and I'd rather not drench my office clothes.
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Originally Posted by Spoonrobot
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120/65/20 miles

Originally Posted by rjones28
Addiction is all about class.
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Originally Posted by Spoonrobot
What happened here?
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What's your longest ride?
A couple of centuries, just over 100 miles. Maybe once or twice a year. An old neck injury usually limits my distance. After 75 miles it's torture on the neck. I mostly aim for "metric" centuries. I can handle 63 miles without much pain.

What's your average ride?
Probably 25 miles for solo workouts. Ranges from 20-40 on variations of the same mostly rural route that's about 33% climbing, depending on weather and how I feel. I average 500 miles a month.

What's the least mileage you'll bother getting kitted up and out for?
As little as 10 miles for Strava PRs and KOMs (the latter is usually out of my reach). I'll kit up in aero gear, helmet, etc., for some 5-6 mile long roller segments, or a few climbs up to a mile long, for Strava PR attempts.

But I'm extremely slow to warm up. It can take me up to an hour just to warm up enough for a maximum effort. So either I'll do 30-60 minutes on the trainer before chasing a Strava PR, or ride at an easy pace for up to an hour before tackling the hard segments.

Saturday looks like a good day for chasing Strava -- stiff steady tailwind from the south. And there are some roller segments up to 2.5 miles, mostly climbing, that will be fun. All the local KOMs and top tens are tailwind assisted or pacelines, so I ain't ashamed. But I always specify I took advantage of the tailwind in my Strava logs. My Strava handle is "tailwind mooch." I ain't proud. Just having fun.
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Originally Posted by canklecat
It can take me up to an hour just to warm up enough for a maximum effort.
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1. 208 miles
2. 40-50ish not including my commute
3. 16- which is my commute
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1. 103mi and 12500 ft
2. Avg is probably 20mi and 1500 to 2000ft
3. Least, shoot, Ive ridden a 1/4 mile to test ride kit or bike fixes. But real ride? Mile to park with my kids.
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1. 102 miles
2. 25 miles
3. 12 miles

I have an easy 12 mile ride on a gravel path I can get done between sunrise and when I have to leave for work, so that's about the shortest one I will do. Typically I really haul for that one. I also have a couple of quick 40 minute Zwift workouts that typically yield about 12 miles, depending on the grade changes of the course I am on at the time. Climbing "Innsbruck" will yield less.

I usually do a couple of shorter rides (12-20 miles) during the week, and then a longer ride on the weekends. Hoping to do a 200k this summer, and possibly a 225 mile ride within the next year or two.

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1. 157 miles
2. 35.5 miles
3. Dressed: One hour. Bother with a bike: no minimum

If it's going to take less than an hour, no point in getting kitted up. But I've ridden the bike to drop off a package at the post office, which is about 0.6 miles round trip.
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fellow noob.
1. 40
2. 20
3. 30 mins. Whatever distance that comes too.
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Average-Saturday 65,Sunday 30
Cycling clothes-1 hour or even less. Have to put the shoes and helmet on and can't stand regular pants on the bike and I'm gonna sweat no matter what.
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My usual training ride is 15-20 km, but occasionally I'll get out for 30. Then there's a big gap up to 200/300/400/600.
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Some of mine is "back in the day." Having said that....I once rode from Sebago Lake in ME to my home in NE CT in about 2 1/2 days. It was between 250-300 miles. I don't know what the longest day was. I currently do a 6.5 mi. TT a couple times a month. And, these days, my rides are generally 30-40 miles. I've done a solo Century at 16 mph. My best TT was at 19.1 mph (at age 73) and I generally ride 14-16 mph these days.
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Assuming the question asked is for a 24 hour period. 236 > 30 > 15. This year will be different as my wrists are giving me fits since I started at the gym. Not sure how it will go on the bike come spring.
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Last year my two longest rides were 65 miles
Typical ride is 25 to 30 miles
15 is the shortest I'd bother with

My benchmark for a decent ride last year was 30 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing.
I'm kicking those numbers up a bit for this year, also planning on a couple of centuries too.
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