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Your Weekend Ride Reports -- April 10-13 Easter

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

Your Weekend Ride Reports -- April 10-13 Easter

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Your Weekend Ride Reports -- April 10-13 Easter

Tell us all about your Easter cycling or other exercise. Are you cycling outside? Are you Zwifting? Are you walking on the beach?
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Sun, 12/04/2020 ...... Zwift: Watopia Run ... 36:12 ... 3.98 km ... 0 m

Sat, 11/04/2020 ...... Zwift: Watopia Run ... 31:07 ... 3.29 km ... 0 m

Fri, 10/04/2020 ...... Beach Walk ............... 51:15 ... 3.51 km ... 56 m

I figured out how to use Zwift for running/walking on my treadmill!
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Sun, 04/12/2020 ........ REST!
Sat, 04/11/2020 .......... Zwift: Group Ride (D) ... 40:45 ... 21.22 km ... 56 m
Fri, 04/10/2020 ........... Zwift: Cycling Workout .. 29:40 .. 7.75 km ..... 232 m
Fri, 04/10/2020 ........... Zwift: Watopia Ride ....... 15:14... 5.94 km ..... 135 m

In other news, I did my first metric century on 4/8/2020. It was on Zwift, and was crazy but a lot of fun. It was for the Adam Peaty ride, which was to support the NHS. Absolute blast. Ended up coming across the line in 3:52:06, with a total of 510m of climbing. Was a lot of fun, for a great cause, and I'm definitely going to be doing it again. Can't wait to do my first outdoor metric and "proper" century rides.
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231km on Zwift. Zwift currently has this Parley Speed Mission event where the goal is to ride a total of 250km in April, and if you do it by the 16th you are entered into a draw to stand a chance of winning an actual bike. So I joined the mission late, and already accumulated 19km from my Alpe du Zwift ride on Thursday, so I thought I'd wrap up the remaining distance in one "epic" ride.

Picked the Watopia Tempus Fugit route, since this appears to be the popular route that ultra cyclists use for their 24-hour challenges and whatnots. Zwift Time Trial bike and Zipp 808 wheels for speed. I lost count on how many laps it took, but finished in 7h 18m moving time (8h 9m total time). Was extraordinarily hot today, I had 2 710ml bottles and refilled them 3 times throughout the whole session.

Also turns out that, from monitoring the chats going on at the time, at least several people were doing 24 hour rides today, and there's also some vEveresting going on over at the Alpe du Zwift route, so I guess my ride pales to be "epic" compared to everything else that's going on today. 😅

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Went for a cloudy , cool ride here in Southern California. It is strange , at the harbor the parking lots are closed off. The County had trucks at a couple of the entrances policing the ban on no beach activities. I only saw a couple of women jogging along the shore that were violating the well marked signs. I think they would probably be at least questioned for ignoring the signs. I stayed on the bike lane next to the road and did not do my usual water break on the break water. I saw a couple of other cyclists out and they were very good with distancing, actually giving at least a 10 meter distance. I ended at my shop where my wife was waiting just before it started drizzling. A great ride , however , not my normal 30 miles I like. I will be satisfied with the 20 or so miles given the situation. Ride on folks, but , above all be safe. Carefree riding WILL return, now is not the time to take any chances. I will say it again “ multi use paths do not allow for safe distancing given the speed we are traveling”. Stay in areas that allow at least a 10 meter distance between yourself and other cyclists or pedestrians. I know someone who is a lot younger than me recovering from this virus and he said what several others have said ,” you do not want to get this”. Joe
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102k with Mrs. NoWhammies. Nothing fast. Nothing crazy. Just an opportunity to get out and enjoy the nice weather we're having.

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I had my kids this weekend so didn’t get too much time to ride, plus it was super windy here 20+ sustained with gusts to 50 both Friday and Saturday. Did 20 miles both days w/ 1500 feet of climbing each. Almost got knocked off the bike in a strong gust yesterday.
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Sunshine Canyon above Boulder on Saturday. Just beautiful, up where the pavement ends Indian Peaks shining in the sunlight, lots of riders enjoying spring. Delightful. Passing a car on the descent, called out "On Your Left!" That was fun . . .
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First Sunday in forever that it wasn’t supposed to rain but it was so misty it may as well have been.
Decided to try the road up to Fremont Peak. Not so bad the first 5 miles but gets really steep later. Made it about 3/4 of the way and was getting into the low clouds making it wet and cold.
very fast coming down. Very happy to have discs. Ride was 42 miles with about 2000 feet of climbing.

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35 miles Friday and Sunday, usual familiar suburban and rural routes. Seeing a few cyclists, joggers and pedestrians but not nearly as many around downtown. And most cyclists who ride the same route start early while I rarely start before noon.

Wind just started picking up Sunday afternoon, increased to steady 20 mph headwind with 35 mph gusts, then suddenly shifted to quartering wind with stronger gusts. So I altered my planned route to minimize crosswinds. Knees are a bit sore from climbing into headwinds, but my joints and muscles always ache worse when the barometric pressure drops, so that's nothing new. Beautiful weather other than the wind.

The beautiful weather and impatience seems to be leading some folks into complacency. There were several groups of families and kids in their yards for Easter. Maybe they've been together all along so there's no increased risk. I see several cycling acquaintances did group rides this weekend. They'll claim "social distancing." But demonstrations of how the virus spreads shows that if we're riding close enough for Strava to pick it up, we're too close. On a bike riding 12-20 mph, if we're downwind, we're in the cloud. And with today's gusting, whipping winds, there's no safe place to be in a group. With my allergies I'm a geyser of snot -- there's no safe proximity to me. I hope none of them gets sick. But I can tell from reading their posts some of them are skeptical about the coronavirus pandemic. Because how can getting exercise in beautiful weather come back to make us sick, or kill us, later? I suppose that's how life perseveres, in a perverse way.
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Warmish and light winds on Saturday, I took myself for an 80 mile ride through the NE suburbs of Minneapolis/St. Paul up to the hamlet of Scandia. Just a made-up route on familiar roads, many with wide shoulders, good pavement, and some nice views of lakes and farmland. It's quite flat and winds were somewhat in my favor and so I finished with a 20.6 mph average. The last 20 miles were pretty tiring, but I was happy.

Abundant snow on Easter Sunday. That's Minnesota for you. The few friends I know who ventured out had big problems with derailleur icing. This is a thing when you get snow right near the freezing point and there is no longer any salt on the roads. I meant to do a little zwifting instead, but it hasn't happened.
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Mon, 13/04/2020 ...... Indoor Rowing: 10:23 min ...................... 10:23 ..... 1,719 m

Mon, 13/04/2020 ...... Zwift: Watopia Run - Volcano Again! ......... 54:09 ...... 5.70 km
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7km around the neighbourhood tonight. Might do a double lap if I'm feeling energetic tomorrow.
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Same ride I did last week and the week before. 55 miles from the southern end of Westchester to the northern end and back. Getting into the swing of things. Upping the pace gradually in the beautiful spring weather we are having here. Switched the stem on my bike to the factory one (replacing the more upright one I had for the last 10 years), and want to try out the more aero positioning of the factory stem. Will update next week when I go out for my ride.
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Last Monday I did a longer version of my Davis Is. evening ride for 32 miles. Thursday evening the wind was strong out of the west so I took advantage of the low traffic and went to Picnic Is. for 30 miles. This weekend was supposed to be kind of crappy, but Saturday was pretty nice. Low 60's and light winds in the morning. I rode to Thonotosassa for 41 miles. Sunday we usually would be hosting a big family and friends get together for Easter. However, we had to cancel it. Kind of depressing, but it gave me the chance to ride for the first time in 27 years on Easter morning. The wind and heat picked up, however. I was planning on going to Ybor city and then tool around S. Tampa, but I saw there was so little traffic I just kept going past Ybor city heading east. It was a route I have never tried, but was interested in. It did go through what I would call the "armpit" of Tampa. Mostly grubby industrial area. I eventually wound up in Plant City for 45 miles total.

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Testing late-ride power.

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Sunday: 25.64 mile ride in 1 hour 25 minutes, 2119 feet climbing
Saturday: 18.2 mile ride in 1 hour 1 minutes, 1644 feet climbing
Friday: 18.2 mile ride in 1 hour 3 minutes, 1608 feet climbing
Thursday: 18.2 mile ride in 1 hour, 1545 feet climbing
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Completed my first metric century ever! Averaged a little below 15mph on good roads. Of course I got a flat tire and wasted an hour replacing it.
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New cyclist here on Cinelli Veltrix ...been keeping my rides to around 8-13 miles getting my body adjusted to the bike. This weekend I decided to go some distance.

Miami Venetian Causeway Friday 4-10 42:44 and 11.43 miles
A1A Ft Lauderdale 4-11 38.18 8.36 miles
Easter A1A Ft Lauderdale beach to deerfield 2:16.52 33.63 miles

Great rides brutal 16mph headwinds on the long ride but i made it.

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