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What cleats does everyone use?

Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway

What cleats does everyone use?

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What cleats does everyone use?

I have been using traditional SPD cleats. This is primarily because I started with indoor riding and this is the setup my gym had, then when I transitioned to road riding I wanted to have compatible shoes for both and this is what I was used to. I also valued the ability to actually be able to walk in the shoes given the cleats are recessed and shoes have tread. I've been reading that there are power advantages to SPD-SL or Look cleats on the road. Anyone have experience with both these more traditional road types and SPD? Thoughts welcome as I am considering getting new shoes and would consider a new setup at this point. Thanks.
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The ones that came with my Time ATAC pedals. Yes, I use MTB pedals on my road and gravel bikes.
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I used SPD pedals for many years - both in spin classes in the gym and outdoors on my touring bike.

One year, some SPD-SL shoes were on a big sale at Nashbar, as were Shimano SPD-SL pedals, so I decided to try them out - I really liked the more solid connection to the pedals, so I stuck with them.

There have been some tests that say the actual increase in power from flat pedals to cleated is minimal for most riders, don't really think I got any faster going from the SDP to SL but I just like the feel better.

The big down side is the clunkiness of walking. I bought a newer road bike, now have that setup with SPD-SL but for touring and biking with my wife I tend to do more walking around and actually put dual sided pedals on that bike: flat on one side/SPD on the other. I still like the feel of the SL lockin better, but for tours and rides where we'll be locking up the bikes and walking around, can't beat sneakers or my old SPD shoes where the cleats are recessed.
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I started with SPD, lasted about 3 months in those, then moved to Look, then Campagnolo, then Speedplay for the ensuing 6-7 years. These last 8 years have been solely SPD-SL for retention, feel (float, platform), weight, and price. Nothing beats them. Briefly tried some Xpedo with the Look Keo cleats but those cleats were so garbage I had to switch back, which is a massive shame because I'd be all over the Favero Assioma's other wise.

So SPD-SL all the way. But I don't walk in them.
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Look Deltas
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I use Speedplay Zero's...my knees need the float they offer.
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The cleat/pedal system depends on what shoes you want and what pedals you have.

Snobby roadies will scoff at the SPDs you use but for most applications they are FINE.

FWIW I use Look Keo and am fine with it, but the walkability of SPD is a consideration.
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SPDs for me. I have yet to find any actual data that supports the claims that SPD-SL are better for power transfer. I've had no issues sprinting or climbing on SPDs. I like that the shoes are walkable, my road shoes are actually "gravel" shoes and my gravel shoes are MTB. lol

Next bike will be full aero, thinking about using Speedplay Zero Aeros, go for all the marginal gains.
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Speedplay Zero for the road and Speedplay Frogs for the cross bike.
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Look Keo on my road bike and SPD on my CX bike.
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I use different systems for different bikes because the uses are so different. (Important aside - float is a mortal enemy to my knees. To use SPDs, I have to crank in max toe-in, even cheat to a little more on the right to get an approximation of my no-float pedals.)

Road bike - Forte brand LOOK Delta compatibles (black, no-float cleats) KoolKovers hang from an aluminum carabiner off my toolbag. KoolKovers extend both cleat and tailbone life.

Fix gears - traditional slotted aluminum cleats (toestraps and clips - if I pull a cleat out, my foot is still on the pedal - very, very important at 40 MPH and 200 RPM) I have one pair of shoes a cobbler built up around the cleat so they are fully walkable.

Gravel, city, winter bike - SPD

All this is further complicated by the fact that I have one leg a 1/2" shorter so I use a 1/4" aluminum plate shim under my cleats. I have cobblers 1/4" sole material I've glues with 3Ms 5200 for those right shoes. So, yes, I take shoes and cleats seriously.
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Crank bros.
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SPD on my MTB (old Specialized XT copy) & Gravel (Wellgo RC-713) and SPD-SL (Ultegra) & Xpedo (Favero Assioma) for road.
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SPDs on my road and also when i had a mtn bike. i cannot see any way for SPDs to allow a rider to generate less power barring an accidental un-clipping event. that has never happened to me except for the few crashes i've had.
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Originally Posted by billyymc View Post
The ones that came with my Time ATAC pedals. Yes, I use MTB pedals on my road and gravel bikes.
+1 on Time ATAC, though I set up the cleats differently (least float for gravel, middle for XC, and easy out cleats for fat bike).
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Time ATAC's on all my bikes.
Brian | 2021 Trek Domane SLR 7 | 2016 Trek Emonda ALR 6 | 2022 Trek FX Sport 5 (On Order)
Originally Posted by AEO View Post
you should learn to embrace change, and mock it's failings every step of the way.

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Blue float Spd-Sl's
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SPD on my Schwinn Peloton for rides without a possible rescue.
SPD-SL Ultegra for my Kestrel endurance road bike.
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SPD-SL on my road and TT bike. SPD on my CX bike.
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Look Keo, because power meter.
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On my road bikes I use Look Delta cleats.

On my fixed gear bikes, I use slotted cleats.
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speedplay zero aero walkable cleats
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SPDs on mountain bikes and tandem, Time RXS on road bikes...
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For those using Time ATAC, do you find they slide around sideways or do anything disconcerting when you stand up to hammer up a hill?

Also, how long do those brass cleats last? The look a bit soft.
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SPD SL Yellow
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