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Tipmart 05-09-21 07:53 PM

Which tires for my son
If you had a choice between

continental GP5000

continental Attack/Force 3

continental Grand Prix TT

To put on your kids bike, which would you choose

Looking for something lightweight and fast but not easily punctured Purely his racing tires to go on a set of Rolf elan stealth wheels

10 Wheels 05-09-21 07:55 PM

Please Let the Son make the choice.

znomit 05-09-21 08:12 PM

Are you racing against him? I hear gatorskins are great if so.

Otherwise GP5000.

Tipmart 05-09-21 08:22 PM

Originally Posted by 10 Wheels (Post 22052341)
Please Let the Son make the choice.

He told me to ask around

urbanknight 05-13-21 05:25 PM

I had never heard of the TT, but looking at their website it says it's meant for time trials. That means it's all about low rolling resistance, not cornering traction and not puncture resistance.

If this is a dedicated race set, the Attack/Force combo is ideal (assuming you're against the idea of running tubulars or Vittoria Open Corsas) unless you're doing self-supported racing on unclean roads and need to avoid punctures. GP 5000 what many racers train on, assuming they have a dedicated set of training wheels and save their racing wheels for events.

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