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Carbonfiberboy 08-17-21 12:06 PM

I much prefer tights without pad. I'm very picky about my shorts and pad, don't want the tight manufacturer furnishing my pad. Plus tights are never tight enough where it counts. I like a tight, well-fitting pair of shorts with the tights over them. For temps a bit warmer than the tights/shorts combo, I use leg warmers. In the dry, I use leg warmers all the way down to 40°. I don't care for knicker type bottoms because conditions change. Leg warmers can come off and the same with tights over shorts. I have a spreadsheet with what I wore in various weather conditions which goes back years. It's very helpful when trying to get the clothing combo just right for the predicted conditions.

noimagination 08-17-21 12:38 PM

For me, if it's cold enough for tights (usually lower 40's F or colder, depending on wind) then it's cold enough that I'd appreciate another layer on my lower half, so I prefer tights (over bib shorts) to tights with pad. I also like the flexibility of mixing and matching bib shorts/knee warmers/tights/windfront tights, depending on conditions. At 50 I'd still be in bib shorts with knee warmers, I wouldn't even have toe warmers yet.

(OTOH, at 50 deg my wife would have booties, windfront insulating tights, wool base layer, insulating layer and windproof layer, so I understand that different people have different needs with respect to protection from the elements.)

waters60 08-17-21 01:46 PM

Non padded PI bib tights over bib shorts. Straps are not a bother. I like how bib tights eliminate a vulnerability of the lower back.

Phil_gretz 08-17-21 02:02 PM

Originally Posted by PeteHski (Post 22186984)
Leg warmers with normal bibs should be fine if you are not riding in the worst winter conditions. I would try that first, it works for me.

^ this for 50 degrees.

Two pairs of bibs on top of one another? I don't think that makes sense...

Eric F 08-17-21 02:10 PM

Over 65 deg F...Bibs
50-65 deg F...Bibs + leg warmers
40-50 deg F...Bibs + leg warmers + non-padded tights.
Sub 40...Couch

79pmooney 08-17-21 02:19 PM

Originally Posted by JohnDThompson (Post 22187115)
My old wool tights do not have a chamois. My newer lycra ones do. One advantage to the no-chamois tights is that I can wear old bike shorts with chamois that have become to translucent for public display under the tights. This gets some extra mileage out of the old shorts, and instead of having to wash the tights after every ride, I can just wash the shorts.

+1 I've never had wool tights. Only one pair of the synthetics I've owned have a chamois. I wear it so seldom it's going to last me a long time. (The window where it shines is small. I've done many rides that started too cold and finished too hot. (Now, for those rides I wear shorts that are not see-through.)

Stanley1 08-23-21 07:20 PM

I have a couple of bib tights with chamois that I wear a lot. My only complaint with them is that believe it or not, they are not as tight in the crotch as I would expect them to be. The crotch can get stuck on the seat, and the tights aren't as supportive as I wish they could be. But truthfully, I have the same trouble with some of my bib shorts. One of the reasons I like my Assos pair is that it is very snug.

GlennR 08-23-21 07:35 PM

I wear tights over my regular bibs,

Works for me.

Oso Polar 08-24-21 11:57 AM

For 50 degrees: knee (leg) warmers + long socks, so that all leg is covered.

WhyFi 08-24-21 12:05 PM

I would get some tights to throw over your bibs, first, but I wouldn't rule out winter bibs with chamois. Get some when they're on sale and decide for yourself. I like the convenience of thermal/winter bibs, but they're not inexpensive, so I resort to mix in my own use.

Fastfwd01 09-19-21 05:55 AM

I scored some Pearl Izumi tights with no chamios (not bibs) on sale that I'm eager to see how they work with my bib shorts this fall. If nothing else they'll make a nice lite base layer for other occasions. I've got two sets of Patagonia Capilene 1 base layers and one is about worn out.

I think one thing to consider is that these come in a variety of levels of thermal protection. Some are for more mild conditions and some are much more thermal.

Haselsmasher 09-19-21 08:38 AM

I have a non-padded pair of Bontrager tights that are awesome. Thick enough to provide some wind protection but not too warm. I wear them over regular padded shorts. When it's "really cold" (by my standards - roughly 35F) I'll put long underwear over the cycling shorts and then the riding tights over that.

The lowest temp I've ridden in is about 20F. Usually it's snow or ice that keeps me home - not the cold.

Racing Dan 09-19-21 09:01 AM

You can just wear normal short padded bibs and a tight Tee on the inside, and have any amount of insulation and wind/water proof clothing on top.

Leinster 09-19-21 10:47 AM

Another vote for running tights over shorts here.

knee warmers if starting early on a day that will warm up.

Calsun 09-19-21 01:57 PM

I bought a pair of the bike underwear with padding and I like the idea of having multiple pairs for use under padless bike pants. I gives me the ability of hand washing and disinfecting one pair and leaving it to dry and having a second clean pair ready to go.

Rdmonster69 09-19-21 07:56 PM

My wife got me some tight with a pad....not very insulated tho.

When it gets real cold I wear sweats over cycling gear and use an ace bandage to keep the bottom of the sweats from flapping around. I look like a total **** but its warm !!

superdex 09-19-21 11:48 PM

Originally Posted by kosmo886 (Post 22186789)
I hope I am getting way ahead of myself here, but want to ensure I am ready for a cooler day sure to come in the next few months. I don’t ride in the dead of winter…ideally 50 degrees is roughly my cutoff. I am debating between bib tights with a pad or a version without. I assume those would go on top of my bib shorts? Would straps from two bibs get annoying or uncomfortable? What do people here do?

I wear knickers at 50 (but the humidity around here is low). You may find that the full-length bibs w/o a pad are pretty heavy weight winter gear. 50 will be too hot.

I do have a pair of tights w/o pad that I will wear over the top of my other bibs -- but that's when it's in the 30s. And even then I question why I didn't just get on Zwift.

ExPatTyke 09-21-21 09:56 AM

What I wear depends on the weather.

On less cold days I wear bib shorts with leg warmers. If it gets warmer during the day it's easy to pull the leg warmers off and put them in a pocket.

For colder days I wear a pair of Roubaix fabric bib tights I find they're fine, even on days that start out in the minuses and don't get above 0, and while they're not waterproof the wool in the fabric gives some resistance when it's raining.

There have been a very few days when I've worn the tights with a pair of tracksters over them. That's only for a commute to work though, riding much further on as cold a day just would not be enjoyable.

blinky 09-21-21 11:29 AM

I too don't ride when it's super cold but for riding when temps are in the 50's I go with the following : Pearlizumi uninsulated bib tights without a pad over a pair of Nalini Snipe 2 Cycling padded liner shorts and for extra warmth if needed I'll use very thin "long johns" as a base layer .

Hiro11 09-22-21 07:09 AM

Unpadded over bibs is the way. It's a good way to use up those tattered/weird looking bibs you can't really wear alone. I recommend Pearl Izumi Amfib tights for road riding down into the 30s. They're expensive but warm and durable.

msu2001la 09-23-21 03:29 PM

I'm good with thermal bib shorts and leg warmers down to the mid 20's, and have little interest in riding in temps colder than that.

TMonk 09-23-21 05:58 PM

tights over regular bibs, but id probably most likely just be on zwift if it was that cold. it hardly gets sub 40 around here but I do start some rides in the 30-40F range every year, mostly just so I feel like I'm getting some value out of my winter gear that hasn't seen much use since I started using zwift in early 2020

Bolo Grubb 09-24-21 12:19 PM

Originally Posted by genejockey (Post 22186813)
Tights with a chamois are meant to be work without shorts, and since I like the bib shorts I have, I buy tights without. I also don't wear bib tights because they mostly seem to come with chamois (how do you pluralize "chamois"?).

same here. I like my bib shorts so I have 2 different tights with out padding. I use suspenders with both since neither are bib tights.

Work well for me

I also do a lot of Zwift now when it gets colder

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