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Originally Posted by caloso
I find it helps to add the words "I'm going to pass," as in: "I'm going to pass on your left."
That's what I do - call out "Passing" and then "on your left". And wait until they actually respond in some way. Either glancing back, making a gesture or moving right. Regardless, and especially if I don't get some sort of indictaor, I always slow waaay down when I overtake any MUP user, slow enough so that I'm not going faster than if I were jogging (very slow for me!). Even though we may think that calling out should get the proper response from a pedestrian or cyclist, we shouldn't expect it. Just be careful and assume the worst, I think.
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On my Bianchi, I used to just coast for a moment and let the swarm of angry bees that was the Fulcrum Racing 5 freehub announce my presence. Then those 14-year-old rims started to crack, so I got some NEW Fulcrum Racing 5s and the freehub is damn near SILENT.
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I had this very problem today on a dedicated bike/walking path. I came up behind another rider who was more or less in the middle of the path. I stated as loudly as I could (I do not have a very powerful voice) "passing" but she didn't move. I said it again when I was almost right on her back tire and I still had to go almost to the far left edge of the path to avoid her. I think I startled her even with my announcement. I don't like the idea of a bell either but I may need to do something since I cannot project my voice very well.
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I'm so slow that I don't pass many riders. "On your left" seems to work well with walkers/runners/scooters on the MUPs in the two communities where I ride. Maybe it's a local thing and people have become accustomed so I've never had anyone move left. I was recently passed on the right at significant speed by a woman on an ebike with ear buds. She gave no notice and when I remonstrated with her at the next stop light, she either ignored me or couldn't hear what I was saying.
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'on the left' feels a bit rude, it's like meeting someone and greeting him by saying "in front of you".
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Originally Posted by holytrousers
'on the left' feels a bit rude, it's like meeting someone and greeting him by saying "in front of you".
It's not rude. There are MUP's around my area that literally have signs asking cyclists to call out that they are passing on the left to be polite.
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I think you should wait until itís safe to pass (not a corner) and then give them a few feet even if they are doing something obnoxious like riding in the middle of the path. Expecting others to move, or passing close enough that you need them to be aware of your presence, is bad form IMO. Thatís just me though.

as for what to say, a simple hello is nice
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Very situation dependent I find. On any given ride I'll let some people I'm passing know (bell or "passing") and some I won't. Kids, people with dogs, people who aren't keeping religiously left (Australia), possible turns coming up, etc. and I'll make an announcement.

It is very rare that anybody lets me know when they're passing me, if ever.

One final point, and I think I've mentioned before, if my wife hears a bell or similar behind then her instinct is to presume they're asking her to move out of the way and sometimes does so blindly. So yeh, sometimes it's counterproductive.

Not every road/path user will agree with everything anybody does. I also don't always get it right. Such is life.
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