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tedder987 05-04-22 10:08 AM

Spz Roubaix fit: 2022 vs 2017
Folks, has anyone here moved from a 2017-19 Roubaix to one of the newer 2020+ models? I am replacing a dead 2017 (seatstay broke right at the dropout/axle in a crash) but have seen reviews saying the newer ones are more of a racy fit. I had a 2017 58cm with all 3 spacers above the futureshock but I am on the line sizewize between a 58 and a 61 so I am wondering if I should go up to get the taller front end of the 61? That said, the published stack/reach don't look so different so maybe its not a big deal? Still impossible to find a store with both sizes available anywhere near me.
Stack. Reach
2017 - 58 : 629 390
2022 - 58: 630. 392
2022 - 61: 665 398

FWIW I am about 6'2.5" with a 35" inseam. So longer legs, shorter torso

Iride01 05-04-22 04:08 PM

IMO, only you can answer that by trying them out.

Don't forget that if they have a Roubaix in the sizes you want but aren't the component tier level you want, you can still judge your fit on them, then order the tier level you want. Might have to go to different places far away to try each, but if you are looking at the mid to high tier price range, I would go where ever it took to try one.

redcon1 05-05-22 05:38 AM

With those 1 and 2mm differences, you won't notice a change IMO. I would set up the 2022 the same as your 2017 and call it a day. On the 2022 you need the proprietary Future Stock stem to change sizing, so that is also a consideration if you go with a large.

The other factor is weight - by staying with a smaller frame you are saving those precious grams. That will feel more significant with a large frame even if you get it set up perfectly.

mstateglfr 05-05-22 07:17 AM

Fit is individual, there is no singular size for a given height, yada yada. With that out of the way, a 665mm stack height for someone 6'2 is definitely on the extreme end of sizing. If it works best, cool, but in general that is a lot more stack than most anyone riding a drop bar bike needs at that height.
A 35" cycling inseam at 6'2 is not surprising.

FrankTuna 05-06-22 08:27 AM

Originally Posted by redcon1 (Post 22495822)
On the 2022 you need the proprietary Future Stock stem to change sizing, so that is also a consideration if you go with a large.

They ship with an additional spacer that allows you to run any standard stem designed for a 1-1/8" steerer. I'm running a Zipp stem on mine.

Mike F 05-06-22 05:26 PM

I went from a 54 2017 to a 56 2022. The 56 seems to fit ME better. Im just shy of 5'10" and the specialized chart says I should be on a 54. My fitter suggested a 56 since I have long legs and Im a plus on the "ape index". i changed the stem to a 90mm and and got a zero offset seatpost. I couldnt be happier with the fit and ride quality. Im a 60 year old guy whose stem slamming days are far behind him. Try both and see.

tedder987 05-09-22 09:31 AM

OP here. A local shop got in a 58 and built it up so I could try it. I think why the reviewers said it was lower up front is because there are 2 different duckbill spacers (not your normal spacers) that shroud the future shock and the smaller is 1.5cm lower than the larger. With the larger and the 3 normal spacers it feels, if anything, slightly taller up front than the old 2017 bike.

What with covid-related shortages and all I decided to buy it. Its Tiagra, I would have preferred 105 or the now discontinued mechanical ultegra like my last bike. The Tiagra is actually just fine, I barely notice the difference in shifting. Also since its using a Praxis crank, that knocks off 1/2 of the weight difference between it and 105. The wheels & tires on this build were serious boat anchors but I still have my Roval Terra's from the old bike so they will just be kept around as spares or for when I sell this bike on. I weighed the fronts with tires installed and it was 360g heavier than the front Terra (tubeless GP5000 with 1.5oz fresh sealant). Didn't want to pull the freewheel to compare the rear wheels but I expect that weight difference is similar if not greater.

So far I have put 100 miles on it and set 27 PRs (plus a bunch of 2nds and thirds). One was on a 3 mile stretch near home that I have ridden 729 times. I'd love to say it is the aero of the new bike, but the reality is that at least for that segment I had a huge tailwind. I do think its made me faster though, mostly from the adrenaline and excitement of the new bike.

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