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Road Cycling “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” -- Ernest Hemingway


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Has anyone ever bought from them?

Their prices and selection look very good and I'm looking for new road and gravel tires
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ignominious poltroon
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Yes. They are well-respected. They also have frequent sales on stuff, a daily special, and so on. They are probably my first choice for on-line vendor now.
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Have had good experiences with them. Recommended
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they have taken a lot of my money lately....awesome customer service on top of great prices.
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I'm good to go!
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I bought something from them once. Can't remember what it was, but I know it wasn't a tire. But they have been around for quite a while, which goes a long way for whether a retail site is trustworthy or not. And they have some pretty good prices.

My last two or three tire purchases were from this place. https://bikecloset.com/product-categ...ssories/tires/

They seem to not replenish they stocks until they are out of most every tire they sell. It wasn't too long ago... maybe 2 years, that I bought some GP 5000's from them for less than 35.00 USD.
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I use them a bunch. They're honestly my default vendor for tires. Never had an issue, great prices (usually), fast shipping. Buy with confidence, despite the, ah, "classic" site. They don't waste money on a new slick one.
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yup, go for it
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Method to My Madness
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BikeTiresDirect is my go-to online retailer. In 2023 alone I have bought two pairs of Shimano shoes, Ultegra +4 mm pedals, two Repente saddles, and pretty much its entire stock of Castelli Gregge 15 socks in my size. But not an actual tire yet. BTD is like Costco; certain items are periodically further discounted from their usual "on sale" price so ideally one can time one's purchases to coincide with the deeper discounts.

Bike Closet has also frequently earned my business with some absurdly low closeout prices. Popular items sell out ASAP.
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I've only bought from them once and was very happy with the product and service.

The problem for me is that they do not ship outside the US and for me to drive there to pick it up is a non-trivial additional expense and hassle.

That is not a dig against them, just a limiting factor for me in a foreign land...
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Been having sales on Castelli stuff lately. I've bought some nice bibbs and gloves. Have never had anything but positive experiences with them.
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I've bought a number of things from them: refurbed Garmin 820; 3 tires, saddle, and ?. The Garmin 820 failed after 11+ months, and they gave me full credit and a slight discount on a 530. They're a great online retailer, IMO.
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I've only bought from them one, couldn't complain. But when it comes to tires and tubes I often use one of the German sites unless I need it within a very short time frame, even with the high shipping the savings on 3 or more tires and a few tubes can be a lot.
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I’ve bought more touring tires from them than I can remember.
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I keep trying them out but always find better prices elsewhere.
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Have bought tires/tubes from them, not the best prices.
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I've purchased from them several times and can't think of any issues. I need to get some Kool Stops and will likely check their site for them.
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Good reputation, but definitely worth double checking prices. I was looking at some tires recently and was surprised to find they were charging $15 more per tire than 3 other well known vendors
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Man, I love this bike!
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I've done a fair amount of business with them, no complaints.
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I have bought from them a few times and never had any issues. Buy with confidence.
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They're my #1 source for most of my cycling purchases, but I will say you can often find tires cheaper from non-US sites.
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I eat carbide.
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They, and the rest of their websites, are a customer of mine. I recommend them.
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Originally Posted by baj32161
Has anyone ever bought from them?

Their prices and selection look very good and I'm looking for new road and gravel tires
I have bought a ton of stuff from them since they had a lot of componets during lockdown when eveyrone didn't. Really good customer service, you get loyalty points, good selection of parts however the one downside is that their pricing is not always the cheapest but just more MSRP.
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Good for me. Mostly tubes and tire. Maybe a light set also.
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They are among the places I buy stuff from. They happen to be a fairly reliable discounter of Garmin products (you just have to be a bit patient).
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