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Sawtooth 08-31-05 01:14 PM

Can I use Medical Tape for Rim tape?
I am looking to replace the rubber rim protector on my MTB/commuter. I am running 1.5 inch slicks at 100 psi. I would just buy some rim tape but the LBS's are always closed when I get off work. Can I just buy some real strong multi-directional weave medical tape at a drug store and use it?

mirona 08-31-05 01:36 PM

Well, medical tape does not stick as well as rim tape and might move around, exposing a spoke.

ViperZ 08-31-05 01:46 PM

I have used cloth hockey tape, plastic hockey tape and electrical tape, all with out problems. Just give it at least 2 wraps.

^oZ 08-31-05 02:05 PM

Yeah suuure, I used duct tape on my MTB :D

Trsnrtr 08-31-05 02:07 PM

Yes, you can use waterproof medical adhesive tape. I doubt it's cheaper than Velox, but maybe you have a ready source?!

If you want to really have a bulletproof rim strip, wrap it in waterproof medical adhesive tape and then give it another wrap with fiberglass strapping tape. It'll be the last rim strip you'll need for that wheel. :D

Kabloink 08-31-05 02:09 PM

It works if you double wrap it. I have used the generic bandage tape from Walmart on several rims. I believe it was less than a dollar per roll.

Sawtooth 08-31-05 02:14 PM

Nice to hear there are other options. Thanks

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