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120372 09-06-05 10:42 PM

Lousy hurricane foiled my plans
i was just about to pull the trigger on my new motobecane le champion when I glanced at the news and realized there was a hurricane bearing down on me. I actually had credit card in hand, eyeballing the scattante and a coupla motobecanes when the local weatherman said Katrina was 2 days from bashing into my house.
lucky me, I suppose because mail delivery stopped completely for the last seven days and most roads have been closed for the better part of the week. Imagine the helplessness to trying to track a delayed package without electricity or internet. I'd be worried sick over the possibility of someone denting my bike while it sat unassembled in a warehouse in kansas and I sat in a darkened victorian house with a new set of holes in various places. Even if someone did deliver it, I'd have to assemble it in the dark and would probably misplace important small bits of metal.
Assuming I somehow assembled it in the dark, I'd have nowhere to ride it since I couldn't even get it out my front door, as is painfully clear in the photo of my front porch.
I guess it's a good thing I didn't order it though, because the postman wouldn't be able to get to my front door anyway.
Damn you Katrina, you lousy turd. and by the way, thanks for the 10,000 trees blocking my path.

shimanopower 09-06-05 11:44 PM

bike? get a boat... best way to travel

Hunter 09-07-05 06:45 AM

Yeah your pain is felt over everyone else down there. :mad:

TexasGuy 09-07-05 07:32 AM

Well I guess its good to keep a positive outlook on everything
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

USAZorro 09-07-05 08:26 AM

Sorry to hear you've been adversely affected. Apparently you have power and a safe place to stay - blessings well worth counting considering what you've been through. Perhaps you could use the time you'd normally be riding to help make things get back to normal. It sounds like there's plenty of productive things a healthy 29 year-old could be doing.

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