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53-11_alltheway 10-28-05 03:55 AM

I'd love to get my hands on some NOS Rolf rims/NOS Rolf Hugi hubs from a few years ago and build up some paired spoke wheels on my truing stand.

So does anyone know the differences between the various designs over the years?

I'd like to get the low 14/16 spoke count ones, but I'm open to opportunity for other stuff.

I like technical info so If you have links please share.

53-11_alltheway 10-28-05 06:36 AM

I read some reviews at roadbikereview about both the vector pro and vector comp and apparently the Hugi freehub has cracking problems on the drive side spoke holes.

I guess that means.......Nevermind.

Hunter 10-28-05 06:43 AM

53-11_alltheway 11-01-05 02:08 AM

So today I watched two brand new Rolf Vector Pro Rims (14,16 hole) go for $22 for both. The shipping of $18 would have made them $20/rim delivered.

Too bad Rolf Prima doesn't sell the paired spoke hubs based on the superior White industries design. They said they block the sale to prevent people building up old Rolf rims to protect their image. From a business sense I can't blame them though.

Hopefully that paired spoke technology patent will expire soon. Anybody know when?

rickkko 11-01-05 02:53 AM

I was considering Rolf wheels recently. I visited two local distributors (LBS) of those wheels to learn more.

Boy was I surprised. One place had his last set heavily discounted 'cuz he wanted them to be the last pair he ever sold (after 15 years!). He said they just aren't competitive any longer. Plus he dealt with more failures than with most other brands.

Not a very good recommendation.

Went across town and found the only other dealer handling Rolfs in my area. Wow! Almost identical comments. He absolutely DID NOT want me to buy Rolfs. He didn't have any in stock but said he could order them (but he didn't want to). He's big thing was their failure rate. He tried to turn me on to Reynolds wheels, I think they were.

Just my experience researching them in my area. Not good. Made me very leary. And more leary of the warranty.


Drayko 11-01-05 06:56 PM

I think this is Rolf's wheel patent:
from there
Filing Date: 1998-08-06
Publication Date: 1999-08-03
I think patents last 20 years from filing date, unless this has changed, not sure am I. I think it may be a while.

As for the new Rolf wheels I've heard nothing but great things about them from everyone I talked to. Everyone I talked to said they never needed trueing or anything much less failure. The only caveat my LBS added is that they're expensive which is why they don't usually have models on floor. I don't have many miles on my Rolfs yet but I'd say so far that they're awesome. Best wheels I've ridden.

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