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merlinextraligh 10-28-05 02:11 PM

carbon fiber bars
I'm thinking about buying carbon fiber handlebars, probably the FSA K Wing. I've never changed the aluminum bars that came with the bike because I liked being able to bolt on aerobars for the occassional TT. Now that I have a TT bike that's no longer a concern.

I realize the K Wing would be slightly heavier than my existing bars. (although small enough difference to be functionally irrelevant.) For those of you with the molded CF bars, do you find the comfort advantage to be worth the coin?

Sprocket Man 10-28-05 02:14 PM

I have Zipp B2 bars on my road bike, which replaced the stock aluminum Modolo's. It was worth the $150. I really like the feel of the bar when I'm holding on to the tops while climbing. And I think that it does a better job of absorbing shock than the aluminum bars, but I switched the bars out at the same time I changed the fork, so the more comfortable feel may be attributable to either modification.

Drayko 10-28-05 07:40 PM

I have K-Wings and love them. Definately like the tops for seated climbing. I really like the flat part before the hoods too. They're worth it for me. They feel stiffer than my old no name al bars but it's on a different bike.

High Fist Shin 10-28-05 08:53 PM

They're the best. A nice fit, no?

They do take a bit of time to dial in the angle. But once that is done you won't go back to a round bar.

Worth every penny. You can get them cheap here...


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