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DXchulo 01-08-06 06:17 PM

Bad Habits
Today one of my bad habits was jumping out at me. I tend to grip the bars too tightly. I don't know if it's the bulky gloves or what, but today I caught myself with a death grip on the bars a few times. I'm not really sure how to fix it. I just try to remind myself to stop from time to time.

What bad habits do you have, and how do you try to stop them?

spingineer 01-08-06 06:23 PM

My worst is not drinking water on cold days. On today's ride, I did take swigs from my Cytomax bottle, and when I got home, realized I didn't even touch my water. That's a really bad habit. But at least it wasn't a really tough ride. There were some hills, and it was a short 35 miler, but still bad not to drink water.

gixser11 01-08-06 07:05 PM

I need to quit trying to go to fast in certain situations. For example running red lights when it is clear. Not slowing enough when approaching other riders on MUP to account for possible erratic moves on their part. Those are my main two and I am working on them.
Oh I love Cytomax by the way.

marqueemoon 01-08-06 07:42 PM

I catch myself tensing up my toes sometimes. It's really weird. I think it comes from owning shoes that were too tight in the past.

I'm bad about water too, especially since I don't drink enough off the bike.

I've pretty much kicked the death grip on the bars and learned to push an appropriate gear for most situations, but I catch myself slipping sometimes - especially when I'm tired.

euphoria 01-08-06 07:54 PM

Should probably stop smoking.

badkarma 01-08-06 07:56 PM

I eat too much.

NtenseGSRracer 01-08-06 08:16 PM

Originally Posted by badkarma
I eat too much.

Same here.

56/12 and 22/28 01-08-06 08:37 PM

I'm to fast. :D

I tend to focus to much on my cadence.

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