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Mr_Super_Socks 01-12-06 09:54 AM

International climb database
Just found this link - it's a pretty awesome (though not complete) database of paved road climbs throughout the world. pretty good for U.S. climbs, less thorough in other parts of the world -- and there's not a lot of detail on the climbs - but a good starting point if you're visiting somewhere new!

noisebeam 01-12-06 10:45 AM

Thats a good collection, but as you note, the structure is in place, but the details need to be completed (especially the most important detail on the elevation gain & distance)

Here is a link to a collection of Arizona climbs with some pictures as well as a some other climbs in different states and countries.
AZ Road Climbing Page


Mr_Super_Socks 01-12-06 10:58 AM

I like the King Of the Mountains database, cuz you can identify climbs in a given region, then google it for more info. would definitely be better with all the specifics though - love that AZ page!

oldcrank 01-12-06 12:49 PM

Thanks for the link socks. Bookmarked it. Going to visit longer later tonight with a cup of tea.

Interesting that TN has the highest summit, paved-road climb in the Eastern US. I had always thought it was Mt. Washington.

Qube 01-12-06 01:15 PM

There's a really good website for climbs in Europe at
It even includes climb profiles...

SpongeDad 01-12-06 05:16 PM

Here's a good website for those interested in climbs in New England.

Lot's of interesting data on the climbs themselves and the power needed to get up them.

Mr_Super_Socks 01-12-06 06:39 PM

Originally Posted by SpongeDad
Here's a good website for those interested in climbs in New England.

that site's awesome - especially the comparisons with huez and stelvio. very informative.

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