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gregdconsulting 02-17-06 01:38 AM Customer Experiences?
I have been shopping for some Sidi Genius 5 narrow shoes, and because most places don't stock narrows it has been hard to find a good price. A shop called in San Diego has the shows and a 15% off coupon code (click the Online Coupons banner ad on the home page). BTW before you tell me Sidi shoes are narrow, I know, but the normal is a B and my feet are AA.

I have not been able to locate any feedback using Search nor have I ever heard anything about them. I think they are more focused on mountain bikes, but they do carry road shoes and other road items. Does anyone have any feedback from their personal experiences with this site? Any return or exchange experience? Even with the discount the shoes are just under $200, so it is not a $20 gamble.

I missed the 20% off coupon a while ago, but I have been watching for something from them again. I have heard favorable reports from that vendor. Of course, any tips on where to get a good price on Narrow Sidi Genius 4 or 5s would be appreciated.


onRoffR 02-17-06 06:02 AM

I have gotten stuff from them before. the last thing was a set of pedals for my mtn bike. they were shimano m540's they had them for $60 which was an awesome price. Shipping was fast I would use them again. the receipt and credit card came in as Beyond Outside so I think they have different sport divisions. I have not had to return anything so I don't know there policy or response time, but initial shipping was good.

Chucklehead 02-17-06 08:36 AM

i've been to their shop in poway to order a frame. they gave me a GREAT deal on what i already thought was a good price for this particular frame, so that's a plus. sales staff isn't the most personable, but they were pretty busy at the time, so i was able to just shrug that off. other'n that, i think i had a positive experience with beyondbikes.

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