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Portlandonian 02-24-06 12:27 AM

Putting 26.0 aerobars on a 31.8 handlebar?
I really like this set of Scott aerobars I have but they are for 26.0 handlebars. I am getting a new bike with 31.8 handlebars and I want to keep using them, are there any shims that would let me do this?

I'm thinking something like these

However, I'm not sure if the size and spacing of the bolts would be the same.

khuon 02-24-06 12:34 AM

We recommend to only use the 31.8.Kit with carbon fiber bars in conjunction with the Syntace Aerolink or the Syntace Microlink.
It might work assuming the bolt holes and mount footprint on the Scott aerobars are similar to those found on the Syntace. Note that it will stack the aerobars slightly higher.

Portlandonian 02-24-06 12:45 AM

I didn't see that quote before... odd because it shows a picture of it mounted on an aluminum handlebar. Yeah I don't like the higher stack but the scott bars actually are already are pretty low and I've also got some spacers below the stem.

krazyderek 02-24-06 02:29 AM

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i made some out of wood while i waited for my 318kit to arrive for my syntace streamliner's, it's a little finiky to setup, and you'll probaby need longer bolt's though.

merlinextraligh 02-24-06 09:10 AM

shims make 31.8 aerobars fit on 26.0 handlebars, not the other way around.

khuon 02-24-06 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by merlinextraligh
shims make 31.8 aerobars fit on 26.0 handlebars, not the other way around.

You need to click on the link. Those aren't just a simple shim as much as they're adapters. They change the curvature and increase the mounting diameter of the opening from 26.0mm to 31.8mm.

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