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Lord Chambers 02-24-06 03:01 AM

Don't know my rim size, how can I know what tires to use?
I have Matrix Aurora rims, but don't know their width. What is the smallest and largest size tires I could cautiously use?

My tires ARE labeled with a size, and they are 700x32.

MichaelW 02-24-06 04:45 AM

Lord Chambers 02-24-06 10:21 AM

Thanks, but I'd already seen that. I don't know the width of my rim so that chart can only help me guess.

AndrewP 02-24-06 10:38 AM

Take a tire off and measure the width between side walls. If that is too hard, cut a U in a piece of card to measure the outside width of the rim and subtract 4 mm. The latter wont give you the exact number but it will be close enough for using Sheldon's table.

Lord Chambers 02-24-06 05:34 PM

What exactly am I measuring? A rim is shaped like a U, so am I just trying to measure the bottom of the U, or the whole U, the circumference if you will?

The reason I ask is because I've got a cross bike that has worn 32s and I mostly use it to commute, so I figure I should get a road tire. Road tires are often in 20's and 23's, not 32.

Thrifty1 02-24-06 05:52 PM

I speculate that a 700 x 28 would fit nicely. The rim width is measured from the inside to inside of the rim sidewalls. A metric verier type caliper is ideal but a good "eyeball" measurement with a ruler should suffice.

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