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tie 02-24-06 07:58 PM

SF Area: Mt Diablo and Hamilton conditions
Can anyone report on the conditions on Mt Diablo or Mt Hamilton? I understood there was snow, but is it now clear to the top? I'd like to climb one of these tomorrow (Hamilton from the east side, then down into San Jose).

squeegy200 02-24-06 08:07 PM

I used to just look at the HamCam. It will give a view of the surrounding observatory campus. If you see snow, then don't go.

But unfortunately, the cam is currently down.

But weather reports from Reid Hillview AIrport indicate rain storm approaching this weekend. That could spell trouble at altitude should you be up there as the weather front approaches.

'nother 02-24-06 08:55 PM

I can see Hamilton from my house; guess it's about 15 miles as the crow flies. Currently dark, but last look I did not see any snow. It's been warm-ish enough lately (even up top -- 40s to 50s) that any snow from the last storm is probably gone; at least from the road.

However, as squeegy200 says, there's another storm on the way, due to hit here Sunday afternoon, and even if it doesn't bring snow I would avoid Hamilton during bad weather. The road is sucky enough in good weather (ascending should not be an issue, but descending).

Don't know about Diablo but I have to guess pretty similar.

bigbossman 02-24-06 11:45 PM

The weather is supposed to be mid 70's and clear on Saturday. I live in the shadow of Diablo - no snow up there today.

Tomorrow would be a perfect day to go.........

tie 02-25-06 06:31 PM

Thanks guys. It was quite warm on Diablo. There's a little bit of snow to the side of the road at the top. Visibility was awful, unfortunately.

SteveE 02-25-06 07:46 PM

Originally Posted by tie
Visibility was awful, unfortunately.

What's up with that? It was perfectly clear over on the peninsula today.

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