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PhotoJoe 05-08-14 01:26 PM


Originally Posted by bruin11 (Post 16732718)

When mine grows up, it wants to be a Helix! Beautiful bike!

cple4 05-08-14 04:18 PM

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This is my Bianchi 1996 Paris Roubaix, it was too heavy to race:rolleyes:


IthaDan 05-13-14 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by cple4 (Post 16741633)
This is my Bianchi 1996 Paris Roubaix, it was too heavy to race:rolleyes:


Wait, WHAT? WOW. How did you get your hands on that?

If you're up for it, Please post a thread over in the 'classic and vintage' subforum.

If you're not, PLEASE post more pictures, that's an amazing find, albeit an oddball one.

cple4 05-13-14 04:13 PM

5 Attachment(s) A good friend of mine bought this from a collector in Italy, it came with low end parts and he lost interest. He knew I was a long time Bianchi fan and had welded a lot of titanium in the past, so we did a deal. It took a little effort to get the proper mid 90's Record parts, but it came out almost correct.

I only know of one other Bianchi 1996 PR bike, and that's in Japan. Somewhere some body knows how many got built and where they went. They were not popular because of their weight.


Machka 05-13-14 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by 2manybikes (Post 16739952)
The photo of the bike on the edge of the water is scary.

It was scary for me taking the photos too!! :eek: I've posted a few more of the water's edge photos on my Flickr site.

WheelsRolling 05-13-14 07:14 PM

That Bianchi is sweet, in it's own very special bizarrely awesome way!

cple4 05-14-14 09:29 AM

Just a little more information. In 1996 I was a member of the Fremont Ca. bicycle club, the west coast Bianchi distributor is in Hayward, just down the freeway.

The club asked Bianchi to do a show and tell about what's new, the rep. brought a down hill racing frame and a down tube from a TI Megatube frame. The down tube was made from two sheets of titanium, formed and welded. The interesting thing was the sheets had small stiffeners formed into the sheet.

I'm a long time welder/fabricator and needed to know how that was done, the Bianchi rep. didn't know, I guess only the factory that made the sheets knew.


kd498 05-21-14 02:54 AM

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Frame re-badged by UK bike shop, now stripped.
Believed to be manufactured at Versteege, or wherever they had their own branded frames made.

tinrobot 05-23-14 01:04 PM

My new Ritchey Breakaway cross. Built it up as a do-anything travel bike for road and light touring, with maybe a little gravel. Ultegra 10sp triple with room for a fat cassette in the back should I need it.

I'm traveling a lot this year, the bike is definitely coming with me.

link0 05-27-14 02:24 AM

Upgraded from Ultegra 6700 to 6800 this weekend!

Fox Farm 05-27-14 12:03 PM

Why the saddle so far forward???

link0 05-27-14 04:18 PM

Because it's very comfortable?

alexaschwanden 05-27-14 04:32 PM

Nice titanium bikes.

rekmeyata 05-27-14 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by zymphad (Post 16740946)
Yeah it's nice to see that Chinese bike manufacturers are often not huge factories and are hand-made. Only a 1000 bikes from them. My bike Flyxii, believe they only produce 5000 bikes a year.

I like seeing the combination of hand tools being used alongside the sophisticated machines. And the workers aren't rushing, they are being careful and checking over their work.

That was an interesting video and they probably put out a good product, but what if there is a frame failure due to manufacturer defect, will they fix it or disappear into the muck of Chinese law where no American law can stand and get no replacement under the warranty? Anyway, I feel much safer dealing with an American company like Lynskey than take my chances with a Chinese company, plus it helps American businesses to stay in business and American workers to stay employed.

Avispa 06-07-14 03:46 AM

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Not full Ti these two. The left (Gladio) has 3 carbon tubes and the right has 2 (Fidia).
These are from Paduano racing.
They also have full ti frames.

la rosa 06-07-14 06:59 PM

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My Lynskey Cooper

WheelsRolling 06-15-14 12:31 AM

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1993 Merlin Extralight with updated components. My daily ride.

link0 06-15-14 11:35 AM

Super sweet merlin

cyclebee 06-15-14 02:17 PM

I have always liked the idea of carbon fiber but how do they ride? Are they a bit harsh like aluminum? Or are the smooth lol steel? Or in between

rekmeyata 06-16-14 07:06 AM


Originally Posted by cyclebee (Post 16853302)
I have always liked the idea of carbon fiber but how do they ride? Are they a bit harsh like aluminum? Or are the smooth lol steel? Or in between

Are you trying to start a forest fire? LOL. Here is my opinion, and it's only an opinion, please note I said it is my opinion. LOL!!! I own several steel bikes, use to own an aluminum bike and rode plenty of others, I've ridden but never owned many carbon fiber bikes, so all this riding of these bikes I came to an opinion.

It depends on how much money you want to spend; with AL being the cheapest but potentially the harshest riding and least durable and can corrode; or whether or not you want to be a follower of the crowd that all wants to ride CF which has some major potential problems with hidden defects or hidden damage that can occur; or whether or not you want to be one of those vintage looking riders and ride steel but also wants comfort and don't care about weight, but it can rust if not cared for (none of my vintage bikes have any rust but I know simple secrets to prevent that); or if you want something that is more expensive and durable, won't rust or corrode, yet stands out from the crowd, and it is a tad more comfortable than steel, then get the TI. I got my ti bike because I wanted something nicer yet last the rest of my life without worry about what sort of weather I want to ride in and it's the most carefree material.

Again all the above is an opinion. On the comfort scale the difference between steel and ti is only a fraction and it depends on which steel bike I ride. My steel touring bikes are more comfortable than my TI bike, and they get more comfortable as they become loaded for touring; but the ti bike is a tad more comfortable than my other non touring road bikes. The Ti bike is also more responsive than my steel road bikes too.

Without getting into a war with other members here that's all I'm going to say about the various materials, again it's all just my opinion.

I hope I said my opinion enough times to prevent a war, this is a forum and discussions like this one, and others here, are mostly opinions, if someone here can't understand that then too bad.

905 06-18-14 06:49 AM

the rest here

rekmeyata 06-18-14 07:03 AM

Not sure if this qualifies but maybe since about a third of it was titanium?, but one of favorite looking bikes, one of which I could never afford, was the Merlin Cielo, the titanium lugs were beautiful and then Merlin added engravings on the lugs, wow! Too bad ABG group bought them out and ruined the reputation by not honoring warranties, and too bad it's no longer being produced. Those bikes still command a lot of money even used on E-Bay.

dfischer1 06-18-14 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by WheelsRolling (Post 16852175)
1993 Merlin Extralight with updated components. My daily ride.

Nice...what fork, stem and seatpost are you running?

Avispa 06-27-14 12:23 PM

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With and without flash.
Paduano Racing Fidia frame
Ax lightness Helios fork
Shima DA-9000 and Mavic CCU 2014 aso..

mattheis 07-01-14 08:18 AM



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