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uberclkgtr 12-17-07 09:22 PM

ViperZ, how does the braking surface hold up on those Hardox rims? Wear through them yet?

I've come to own a similar pair of aero Omegas, though tubulars, that I'm thinking of getting laced up. I've never used a hard-anodized breaking surface before. I've always used machined Mavics.

IGD 02-09-08 12:58 PM

Italian Job
ViperZ - Beauty !!! Is that a Master or a Master X Light? I thought chromed lugs were only on Master XL ??
Regards, IGD

cuda2k 11-10-08 07:08 AM

I must revive this thread so that all can remember how to properly taunt us with a bike build thread. :)

gabdy 11-10-08 07:28 AM

I've never been one for nostalgia.

aham23 11-10-08 08:19 AM

very hawt. later.

dcbikeguy 11-10-08 10:21 AM


Originally Posted by aham23 (Post 7822219)
very hawt. later.


Reynolds 11-10-08 10:30 AM

Yesterday (before it was revived) I re-read most of this thread just for the pleasure of it!

rousseau 11-10-08 12:22 PM

They don't make threads like this anymore.

woodchuck69 12-01-08 08:47 PM

Wow, I thought everyone had one of these tucked away in the basement :thumb:

fatallightning 12-01-08 10:15 PM

lol, is that bike computer also period correct?

woodchuck69 12-02-08 11:08 AM

Avocet in the early 90's? heck yes
back then there weren't 15 different brands to choose from

Avocet or Cateye for the most part

Charlie Mottet, Tour de France 1993

Phil Anderson, Tour de France 1992

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