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Cead_tinne 10-04-06 10:03 PM

is it worth it?
What do you guys think of this bike? I heard that the 2.8s have rough ride. oh and how much do you think its worth. I'm off to look at it tomorrow, just like some input.

DMF 10-05-06 11:25 AM

I think $500 is a little high.

oilman_15106 10-05-06 12:17 PM


DMF 10-05-06 12:19 PM

Nope, what?

Cead_tinne 10-05-06 12:26 PM

thanks for the response. Ill see if the guy wants to let it go for cheap, if not ill keep watching.

munkyv22 10-05-06 12:28 PM

$500 is a lot high.

scuzzo 10-06-06 06:53 AM

humm, bought a 3.0 bike with Exage for 300. about 10 years a go. yea i know. my first road bike.
so i would say thats really high. i just got a felt f-35 2005 with ace10/easton/and carbon bits for 600. so i would say for 2.8 pre CAAD your going to have old STI gear i would think. not a great pic of bike either. it over priced i would pass

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