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hi565 10-07-06 04:08 PM

get a nice light!

I just ordered this one...

and I am going to be getting it next week, and I will totally be writing up a review for my club and here

I feel like Im in the same situation, I have school during the week, and then homework, and then I have little amounts of time to ride, and then on the weekends I work on sunday always at a diner, and that drains a ton out of me (im out of the house at 6:00 AM and up at 5:550 Am) Then I work about every other saturday at the diner which again drains alot out of me. So im hoping I can give myself an hour or so extra time with this light.

Spudmeister 10-10-06 09:54 AM

Ride Saturday!!
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Take your kid with you on Saturday - get a tandem, get a trailer, get your kid to ride. I had a trailer for my kids when they were small, then got a used tandem when they got older. My daughter (age 7) loves the tandem, while my boy (age 9) has a Felt road bike with 24 inch wheels. Both can go 50 miles at a decent clip on flat roads or 30 with some hills. We do stop every time we pass a playground. :D

caloso 10-10-06 10:03 AM

Originally Posted by substructure

What have been some of the situation that could have stopped your riding and/or training?
And how did you turn it around?

I went to Central Asia for a year and a half. Wouldn't ride a bike in Almaty for all shashlyk in Kazakhstan. (Which is all the more suprising that Kazakhstan is now turning out guys like Vino. But that's a subject for another thread.) I got astoundingly fat and drunk during those 17 months. Took me years to get skinny and sober again. Riding a bike helped a lot.

And on a related topic: Is it just me, or is it just astounding that some folks seem to have never heard of lights? This is the umpteenth thread I've seen this week along the lines of "It's getting dark sooner! Oh, how will I ride?"

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