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dough.boy 03-03-07 07:30 PM

06 Masi Nuova Strada vs Entry Level Bikes
So today me and a buddy went to scout some good entry level bikes for me to purchase.

I entered into one lbs, and the owner advised that this bike is pretty good for what my intentions are in riding:

-lose weight/get in shape
-try to commute daily to work
-lose some more weight

He quoted this bike @ $850 and my question to any of you that can help is:

-Am I really getting a deal on this bike for it's components/specs
-Is this a bike that will be somewhat of a comfortable ride for 5 mile commute each way
-What other descent bikes would you recommend at a price range not exceeding over $1000.

markwebb 03-03-07 07:34 PM

I think you may be able to do better. The Lemond Tourmalet is like $999 with 105 with a Ultegra rear derailleur.

sprcoop 03-03-07 09:24 PM

After you have ridden a few times it won't take much of a bike to be comfortable for 5 miles. With that bike, or one like it, you will be looking for longer routes to work. You won't even get warmed up in 5 miles.

As for losing weight, that will be more than 10 miles a day. Just make sure you get it fitted correctly and you'll be doing centuries in no time.

Check the "Road bike for under $750" thread for some good ideas and education.

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