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ambiguous 03-04-07 03:47 PM

Cranks won't seat...suggestions?

I just installed my new KCNC bottom bracket yesterday (68x108 english ISIS), and the crank arms will not completely seat on the spindle. I have installed these same cranks (FSA carbon pro elite compact) on several bottom brackets with no problems. When I crank them down with the supplied bolts, they just won't slide completely on...and I am left with about a 1/4 cm of spindle showing. This is consistent on both crank arms.

I removed them with my crank extractor to check that they we properly aligned with no apparent problems revealed. There doesn't seem to be any scarring or indentions on the spindle to indicate any missalignement or binding either.

As I didn't want this to halt my build, I continued setting everything up. It seems as if derailleur adjustment and shifting has not been adversely affected.....which surprised me. However, I'm worried that this could be an issue (ie...cranks arms coming loose)

Has anyone had this problem (or IS this a problem?)...or does anyone have suggestions to resolve this?

Thank you!

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