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FIVE ONE SIX 03-04-07 09:52 PM

how many bikes before you found the perfect one?
since most members of this forum have owned at least one bike, if not more than one bike at a time, i'm just curious how many bikes you owned before you found the one that felt perfect for you?

i'm asking because even if you were fit, no two bodies are exactly the same, and while two people may have the exact same measurements the same bike may not feel exactly the same for both people...

UT_Dude 03-04-07 09:52 PM


WheresWaldo 03-04-07 09:55 PM

Of all the bikes you will ever own there will not be a perfect one. This is why you will always need to buy just one more bike, ask blandin he knows of what I speak.

TrekDen 03-04-07 09:55 PM

I'm still looking :D

the beef 03-04-07 09:55 PM

Already owned three. Selling one (in sig) and hopefully the next one will be my perfect fit.

aballas 03-04-07 10:00 PM

wow...okay...i had a bit of a progression....

started off with a 1981 Nishiki to get into the sport (still have it turning it into a SS/fixie)

then when I decided to upgrade I pieced this together...

Decided the frame didn't fit me quite right, and I got a GOOD deal on this frame:

rode it for a while....and then came across this on ebay...and fell in love...(still have this bike)

THEN i started looking for a second bike and came across this frame, which I built up...

Before I even had a chance to ride it I came across a Fuji Team Issue frame REALLY cheap and jumped on it...necessitating me selling this bike off to pay for it...(got maybe 100 miles on it)

Now I have this, and my Bianchi XL I'm content...

So far my Fuji's the favorite out of all of them..fits the best, rides the best...but I LOVE my's just such a well-made frame, and I can't even really compare it to my Fuji....apples & oranges there...

blandin 03-04-07 10:00 PM

Still looking, and having fun doing it. I don't think I would ever be happy with only one bike . . . but that being said, I fear it's time to thin the herd.

jschen 03-04-07 10:03 PM

I love my Cervelo R3, which was my second "nice bike", but I doubt there's a perfect bike out there.

FrankBattle 03-04-07 10:04 PM

no such thing as the perfect bike.

The next bike is always the perfect one.

Dubbayoo 03-04-07 10:05 PM

My 3rd bike was a custom. My next will be a Lynskey or Merlin because they have long top tubes stock.

skinny 03-04-07 10:13 PM

This is like the search for the perfect taco in Jitterbug Perfume, right?

the beef 03-04-07 10:14 PM

Originally Posted by blandin
Still looking, and having fun doing it. I don't think I would ever be happy with only one bike . . . but that being said, I fear it's time to thin the herd.

Blandin, do ya have a link to a picture/photo album of your whole stable?

blandin 03-04-07 10:27 PM

Several forum members have encouraged me to do just that, but I don't have a lot of patience for that kind of thing. However, if you go to my profile and click on threads started by, you will find most of the build threads.

botto 03-05-07 05:21 AM

How long is a piece of string?

urbanknight 03-05-07 06:24 PM

lost count but still lookin'

I am The Edge 03-05-07 06:55 PM

i will always be looking for the perfect bike....

kevinmcdade 03-05-07 07:16 PM

I'm still searching. I've been on my current bike for 2 years and finally discovered what I don't like about it. I'll be test riding this week to see if I can get something a little bit closer to perfect.

merlinextraligh 03-05-07 07:19 PM

20 and still looking

jmb 03-05-07 07:23 PM

Never owned a bad one .Best one so far 1998 Cannondale T1000

ri_us 03-05-07 07:47 PM

"Perfect" is an impossible standard to attain. I really like my current ride - it's my fourth.

euphoria 03-05-07 07:50 PM

I'm still testing my useable range

I've gone from just right (61cm), to way too huge (63cm), to maybe too small (58cm, at least the top tube is correct)

I'll have the latter sorted out come May, for now the frame stares me in the face with puppy-dog eyes

astrodaimler 03-05-07 08:24 PM

Since 1982, I think I've had close to 20 bikes. Now that I'm poor and have kids, the perfect bike for me right now is the one with air in the tires and is the dirties (if you bike is clean, you ain't riding enough). I now ride a Giant compact (I'm short so I'm glad that compacts came out) but I still ride my Gios and my LeMond.

El Diablo Rojo 03-05-07 08:58 PM

My third bike was perfect in 1992, it was a Tomassini with Columbus SLX tubing. Since then I've had a CAAD3 C'dale, an Eddy Merckx with SLX tubing, a Serrotta Atlanta, a Cinelli Starlight, an Orbea Orca, a LOOK Kg 381 a LOOK Kg481sl and a CAAD8. Out of all of those the Cinelli was a great bike on California roads but about beat the fillings out of my teeth on Texas chip seal. I hated the Orca and the CAAD3. The Serrotta was a nice easy bike but was a bit laid back in the geometry. The LOOK's are right up there as the best bikes I've ever owned, but the winner is the CAAD8. It's the best bike that I can train, ride and race on. It's pretty damn compliant and handles like a slot car. It's stiff and light, and pretty inexpensive. All in all it's a great bike.

jschen 03-05-07 09:43 PM

I already answered with the belief that there's no perfect bike. But to answer from another perspective, it took only one bike before I had a good feel for what I really wanted in a bike.

donrhummy 03-05-07 09:59 PM

I know this sounds cliche but...any bike I'm on while it's a beautiful day out and I'm 50 miles or more from where I started is the perfect bike. (But I DO like my Lemond, of course I wouldn't turn down a Cervelo, IF Bike, Specialized -- the one Levi had...)

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