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sjmayclin 05-02-07 11:35 PM

Quick compatibility question
I've got a 9 speed cassette and brifters, and I'm wondering if I will have any problems running the 9spd cassette with 10s (DA) brifters.

Any ideas? Comments from those running a similar setup appreciated. Thanks!


rangthrower 05-02-07 11:39 PM

The spacing of 9 speed cassettes and 10 speed cassettes are different. The index points on the 10s brifters will be different from those on a 9s. Either need 9s brifters or 10s everything else.


Pb_Okole 05-03-07 03:08 AM

If you are going to spring for 10s STI shifters (I refuse to use that ridiculous B-word) why not drop another $80 or so for an Ultegra 10s cassette and chain? That's all you need to change to make your bike 10 speed.

CdCf 05-03-07 04:28 AM

Check this out:

sjmayclin 05-03-07 10:36 AM

thanks guys, good input

Cain 05-03-07 10:48 AM

I would guess that you could also use a JTEK shiftmate. Look it up on google.

Of course, it's like $35 which is about half the price of a new cassette and chain.

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