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multisport4life 07-15-03 09:09 AM

This is my 2003 Bianchi XL Boron frame and fork. Newly added are the Campy Zonda wheels and ITM Millenium stem. The hardware is a Campy mix including everything from Veloce to a couple of Record parts, but is much older than the rest of the bike and is 8-spd. Hopefully within the next year it will be upgraded to full Chorus 10-spd. (This is my first attempt at posting a pic, so if it doesn't work I'd appreciate the next person telling me how to do it properly.)

[IMG]C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\My Pictures\My Bianchi XL Boron.jpg[/IMG]

MaxBuck 07-15-03 04:51 PM

I just today purchased my first road bike in nearly 30 years - after riding my dad's old Fuji 10-speed for the past few months.

New bike: Cervelo Prodigy with Ultegra gear; white with red trim and tires.

Plans are to ride it on tours, leisurely rides. But it clearly can be ridden fast! My goal is to get as fit as my 81-yr-old dad and join him on rides. He just bought a new Specialized Allez - aluminum frame w/105 gear.

Photos to be posted when I pick up the bike - having a triple added.

blackcraka 07-16-03 12:14 PM

Here is my bike. I ended up taking off the cateye computer and just left the Polar 720i on (to much cluter for me). Also, the headset is now black and the seatpost is now a carbon EC70.

As for the specs:

Custom Sycip Reynolds 853 steel frame with Ouzo Pro fork and new seat stay (carbon)
Full Durace Groupo (inc. pedals)
King headset
Ksyrium Wheels
ITM Millinum Super over bars and stem
Thompson Setpost (now a EC70)
Fizik Aliante Sadle
Hutchinson Carbon Comp Tires

Devster 07-16-03 03:19 PM

I've noticed the changes that came from me starting to ride bikes. Nowadays this topic is porn for me. We need more pics.

spazegun2213 07-16-03 04:05 PM

Porn... i do agree i do like to stare.... at the bikes i mean!

here is my baby

spazegun2213 07-16-03 04:07 PM

note to self... click button only once....!

nivek 07-16-03 05:30 PM

sometime this week I will have a new Mercier Aquila Euro with a campy mirage setup!

astrocub 07-17-03 04:07 PM

i recently purchased a used Felt F50 with 105+Ultegra components and Alex ALX 320 wheels. so far i am very happy with it. no camera = no photo.

baltazar 07-17-03 08:52 PM

I'd show my 2003 Fuji Team, but I don't think it's worthy. It's a lemon! :irritated

bezzo 07-18-03 01:22 PM

Redwood from Rivendell Bicycle Works -
65 cm lugged steel frame
full Shimano 105 Groupo
Brooks Saddle

Bit of a retro bike, I'm not into racing just wanted a change of pace from my mtb. What an amazing ride. It is pretty new so I dont have any good pix of it yet. Serial number on the frame is 8 !!

a2psyklnut 07-18-03 01:52 PM

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Here's my LeMond Zurich w/ full Ultegra. Rolf Vector Comp's (not crazy about these).


Ray Huang 07-21-03 01:53 PM

I am lucky to have what I think is one of the last few hundred Schwinn Paramount OS's before they got bought from Scott and later changed from Schwinn Paramount to Waterford. I had it painted purple metallic and all the lettering in black!!! I then added black American Classic seat-post and water bottle cages to add to the stealth look. It has a mish mosh of 7-speed Ultegra downtube shifters and 105 componentry on it and my tried and true Modolo Master SSC handlebars with a custom made Titamium stem. Also beautiful old Mavic hubs and Campy aero rims. Heavy-but have survived years of criteriums!!!!

Thats my pride and joy. My bike I always raced was a Trek 2400 carbon fiber and aluminum bike with Cinelli deep drop bars, custom made, but ugly tubular steel stem (All rusty now). Again a mish mosh of 8-sp Ultegra STI and Dura-Ace. Circa 1990!! It was not a pretty bike-but it got the job done. That bike has thousands of racing miles and 10,000 of training miles on it. I'd love to sell the frame set-but cannot seem to to do it-sentimental I guess. :)

Campag Fetish Boy 07-21-03 06:31 PM


Originally posted by khuon
Nice bike. Better watch out though... all the Campy Purists are going to come down on you for mixing Campy wheelsets with Shimano drivetrain. :D

BTW, that seems to be quite a steep down-pitch on that saddle... or is it an optical illusion?

Seems like an invite for me to rejoin the world of :)

ITALIA 07-21-03 10:35 PM

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Specialized proportionally designed smooth welded Columbus SLX alloy frame with replaceable derailleur hanger.
Shimano Ultegra short reach STI Shift levers.
Specialized Women's specific 7075 stem and handlebars.
Specialized C-3 bonded carbon fork and carbon seatpost.
Specialized Body Geometry women's saddle with hollow Cr-Mo rails.

Apollo 07-22-03 05:32 AM

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My Klein Q-Pro Carbon. I've never ridden a more confortable bike. I just love it!


John Ryder 07-22-03 01:31 PM

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1998 Ultimate

pointyhead 07-22-03 02:15 PM

This is my steed:

89 Cannondale SR800 Criterium Racing Frame, with Shimano 105 components, Look pedals, Mavic rims, and now is GPS equipped with a Garmin EMap.

khuon 07-22-03 04:00 PM


Originally posted by John Ryder
1998 Ultimate
Hey! Are those the 100th. Anniversary TdF Special Edition Ksyrium SSC SL wheels you have there?

John Ryder 07-22-03 05:44 PM

Yes, they are. Very Smooth there is a difference between these and the normal SL's. I sold my old Ksyrium SL's when these came in. I got # 2024 out of 5000. :)

coppilot 07-22-03 05:44 PM

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Raleigh R700 with 105 components.

multisport4life 07-23-03 08:47 AM

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Ok, I'm going to try this again...again...

2003 Bianchi XL Boron
Campy Mix: Veloce/Chorus/Record
Campy Zonda wheelset
Upgrading to the new 2004 Chorus 10 when I get the funds.

orguasch 07-24-03 05:36 AM

I have problem in posting picture, that's why I have ask Joe, to post the pic of my bike at the General discussion, anywayz, I am presently riding a Yellow Pinarello Prince, with full Dura Ace groupo, and Mavic Cosmic Elite wheel set.....

djwid 07-24-03 10:34 PM

Here is my bike-
Fuji Cross '03
changed rear cassette to 11-34 and the rear derailer to deore xt. Bike computer etc. I just bought it. The picture is of a 7 hour old bike.

Isn't she sweet?

SpudPuppy 07-25-03 12:13 AM

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Here's mine -
brand new - Just got it this week

khuon 07-25-03 12:43 AM


Originally posted by SpudPuppy
Here's mine -
brand new - Just got it this week

Very nice Seven! Your locale is close to me. I live up on the plateau too.

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