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Newboy 08-10-03 01:32 PM

nice one

Hot Pepper 08-10-03 01:45 PM

Yeah, my lawn does look pretty good; and the bike ain't bad either!

roadfix 08-10-03 02:01 PM


Originally posted by Newboy
Wow George they are georgeous!
Hey thanks!..... best of all, they're real!

Newboy 08-10-03 02:12 PM

Porn it is, i am waiting to receive a bike, as soon as i get it I will post my picture so that you can see my particilar panchant!

MaxBuck 08-10-03 06:46 PM

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I've been meaning to post a pic of the new Cervelo for a while now ...

Hope you all like it!

Jeffbeerman2 08-10-03 09:08 PM

~'88 Trex 1200

105 gears and brakes. ****ty saddle. Armadillo Tires. Forte Cliples pedals. Unknown but comfortable handlebars. Fun as hell to ride and get in marathon shape without running in 100 deg heat.
Bought for $400 used at a bike shop with a fresh tune up and guarantee.

Its my air conditioned running shoes. :D

Dchiefransom 08-11-03 06:12 PM

Not enough room to hook up the scanner in this house, so I hope this link works. I have a Trek 420 older roadie/tourer, a Trek 1000 roadie, and a Lemond Zurich. They are pics of them on the Bicycling Forum Pic Post on It's on page 14, under "Dchiefransom"s SF Gran Prix Photos". Got a few pics of Lance and George and others racing in the 2002 SF Gran Prix.

bikerchas55 08-11-03 11:45 PM

Hello MaxBuck, she's a looker!

Hot Pepper 08-12-03 08:58 AM

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OK The new Bianchi is almost ready to ride. Just waiting on straddle wires and yokes for the brakes.
2000 Bianchi Volpe Reynolds 520 CrMo frame/fork - 52CM C-T.
Brooks Swift Titanium rail saddle on Thompson seatpost.
TTT Synthesis stem - 9CM.
TTT Forma bars 42CM.
1999 Campy Athena/Racing Triple drivetrain, 3 X 9 30-42-52; 12-23; 170MM cranks.
Campy Moskva 80 rims laced to Chorus hubs. Check out the spoke pattern on the front wheel!
Shimano Alivio cantilever brakes, which will be changed out to Campy Olympus units, currently on order coming from Germany.
No name headset(yucko) which will get Campy'd out when it dies.
Nashbar platform/spd pedals(so I can just hop on and ride to the store).
How do you say "Touring Bike" in Italian?

Phatman 08-14-03 09:33 AM

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My god! I just realized that I didn't post in this thread yet!

Lemond Alpe d'huez. 853 frame, full 105, body geometry seat. straight up dead sexy. Picture rasta tape on this bike though. I crashed and ripped up this black tape. eh. nothing stays new for ever, right? Now my bike looks like I actually ride it.

Gustaf 08-15-03 11:16 AM
2004 Specialized Elite.

Farmer John 08-15-03 09:24 PM

My newest baby during her second tweak journey.

03 Raleigh Professional. At the moment, there are a whole bunch of Shimano bits where the fine Campagnolo craftsmanship should reside (acquired her as a frameset).For those of you who have written off this old school marque, you should take a close look at these bikes, simply beautiful.

all she needs is a set of nervex....[IMG]

codiene 08-16-03 09:01 AM

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Here is my new baby. She's so sweet.

2003 Pinarello Marvel in Team Fasso colors.

Chi 08-17-03 09:16 AM

:eek: !!!!!!!!!!

Is that a Campagnolo Chorus groupset?

Davet 08-17-03 09:25 AM

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My new Kirk.

codiene 08-17-03 11:41 AM

Why yes, Chi, it is a Chorus 10 Spd Groupset with Proton Wheels. Picked it up at the Pinarello store in Treviso.

mikemets5 08-17-03 01:48 PM


Originally posted by codiene
Here is my new baby. She's so sweet.

2003 Pinarello Marvel in Team Fasso colors.

what material are the tubes?
may I ask what this beautiful bike cost?

codiene 08-17-03 02:04 PM

It's an AL frame with carbon fork and seatstays.

I paid about 2500 EURO without the IVA tax.
I actually intended to pick up a Galileo, but they wouldn't have a new one until after the wife and I moved back to the states and they asked if I would like the marvel frame instead. As you can see, I said "Yes."

orguasch 08-17-03 05:59 PM


Originally posted by codiene
Here is my new baby. She's so sweet.

2003 Pinarello Marvel in Team Fasso colors.

nice bike, hope you enjoy that marvelous bike of yours

Captain Crunch 08-17-03 06:38 PM

Why are some of the lastest photos not opening up for me?

carlee 08-17-03 11:36 PM

wow! i am admiring the beauty of the blue pinarello.

jim-bob 08-18-03 12:10 PM

soma doublecross :

Brett Douglas 08-18-03 10:36 PM

Just bought my dream-bike today:
Wilier Alpe d'Huez - satin purple in colour, Centaur 10 speed,time pedals

skiahh 08-19-03 08:26 PM

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'02 Litespeed Tuscany. Ultegra, Mavic Open Pro, Sella Ti Flite, Thompson post. Very comfortable and quick. It's a dream to ride!

Teski 08-20-03 12:24 AM

I just picked up a 2004 Trek 5200 tonight. Very excited!


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