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WorldIRC 06-26-03 12:16 AM

What road bike do you have?
Its in the Gen'l Section, its in the MTB section, we need it in the Road section.

Post a picture of your bike and a short description of it. Mine will follow soon.

roadfix 06-26-03 12:29 AM

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Here's my Surly Steamroller..... Vintage Campy track groupo...

roadfix 06-26-03 12:35 AM

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Here's my Cinelli Olympic Track... Campy track groupo... Cinelli Super Corsa road fork... Brooks saddle...

dexmax 06-26-03 01:20 AM

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we should have one too. I agree.

here's my new bike..

Custom Built Frame(w/ Columbus Thron and Tange Tubeset mix), Shimano 105/Ultegra/Sante Group Mix. Look HSC Carbon Fork
Rigida Sphinx 700c Rims w/ Shimano XTR hubs.

It's new, hope you will like it as much as I do..

pic is below:

dexmax 06-26-03 01:25 AM

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i don't know how to post multiple pics on a single post.. I hope you don't mind.

Raiyn 06-26-03 01:25 AM

<sounding out the word> RrrrrrrOooooooad Bike? What the heck is that? :D lol

khuon 06-26-03 01:28 AM

2001 Aegis Aro Svelte, carbon fibre frame and fork, mainly Shimano Dura-Ace drivetrain, FSA crankset, Ksyrium SSC wheels, Easton EC90 handlebars, Easton CT2 seatpost, Speedplay Zero pedals... you can see more pictures and specs by clicking on the link in my signature.

froze 06-26-03 02:17 AM

I'm a primeape so I don't have a camara but it looks just like this:

skip to page 7 and scan down to find the red Trek 660 with the yellow graphics-sorry for having to have you go to a different site, but that's the only picture I can show you.

Only difference on the looks is mine has silver rims, silver headset, and all silver components-which are all Suntour Superbe not what page 7 lists, in fact skip to page 8 and there is a 760 with the same Superbe Group that I use. I built the bike up from a Trek I crashed in 84 that had about 70% Superbe on it already, I transferred those over and bought the rest of the Superbe group at that time, which was the front and rear derailleurs, seatpost and the headset. I still use the yellow wires too, but I alternate the handlebar wraps, right now it has the yellow/red splash from Cinelli.

RonH 06-26-03 06:23 AM

This my 2001 Litespeed Tuscany. :beer:

cyclochica 06-26-03 07:19 AM

Soon to be (Saturday morning at 10:00 AM) a 2003 Fuji Club SE. I'll post a pic as soon as I get her. I can't wait, my first new road bike :D

Nofx 06-26-03 07:24 AM

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Here is my Baby..... Or "Red Rocket as I call her" 105 componets.

ChiliDog 06-26-03 07:40 AM

How do you post a pic? :(

jpa2825 06-26-03 07:41 AM

No picture yet, but recently acquired 2001 Trek 2300 w/ red handlebar tape.

RonH 06-26-03 07:50 AM

Cyclochica, I know you're looking forward to Saturday. :D
Are you bringing the Fuji to Atlanta when you visit later in the summer?

Great bike dexmax. :beer:

Khuon, good looking bike. :thumbup:
Does the curved seat tube affect the ride in any way?

Nice bike Nofx. :beer:
I never seen a red Bianchi. I've seen one black but mostly green ones around here.

TimB 06-26-03 08:04 AM

be back next week with all the pics. do pics have to be hostedon web or can I upload from harddrive?

KevinG 06-26-03 08:44 AM

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Here is my Bianchi Veloce Double.

cyclochica 06-26-03 08:48 AM

Originally posted by RonH
I know you're looking forward to Saturday. :D
Are you bringing the Fuji to Atlanta when you visit later in the summer?

That is the plan, but the trip keeps getting pushed back. My Dad has had a set back, and my visiting may only make it worse. Right now I am looking at Columbus weekend in October, because after next month I can't get leave from work until then.

jkoman 06-26-03 09:36 AM

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Kuota Khsano Ultegra with carbon bars and stem by Kuota, Campy carbon seat post and Ksyrium wheels.

cbhungry 06-26-03 09:41 AM

cannondale R2000

dragracer 06-26-03 09:44 AM

OK here's a pic of mine taken the day I got it(last fall). 2002 Litespeed Hyperion. Aluminum/Carbon frame, all Ultegra, no mods except a stem change and added a Cateye least for now. Also just some cheap-azz toe clip pedals until I can decide which pedals/shoes I want to get :beer:

khuon 06-26-03 09:48 AM

Originally posted by RonH
Khuon, good looking bike. :thumbup:
Does the curved seat tube affect the ride in any way?

I don't think it effects the ride as much as it effects fit and positioning. It may effect the ride somewhat in how loads get transferred and such but there's no way for me to really tell. It does however allow me to ride a comparably smaller frame than I would normally while still maintaining a traditionally non-sloping top tube because as you raise the seatpost, you increase the effective top tube length by a much greater percentage than with a traditional straight seat tube. The curved seat tube positions the seat post angle at 66.5 degs. I would normally ride a 50cm or maybe even 52cm but my Aegis is a 48cm frame (actually measures out a tad closer to 49cm though).

roadfix 06-26-03 12:50 PM

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Here's my 1993 Litespeed Classic... Campy Record.... Spynergies...

dexmax 06-27-03 12:13 AM

Originally posted by George
Here's my 1993 Litespeed Classic... Campy Record.... Spynergies...
what a great looking bike!!!! I'm saving the picture!

Originally posted by RonH
Great bike dexmax. :beer:
Thanks RonH:D

2k2S4 06-27-03 07:24 AM

Here's my Bianchi Vigorelli, full Ultegra, Mavic Cosmos wheels, CatEye Mity3 computer.

Nofx 06-27-03 07:28 AM

Asome Bike, Have you noticed any thing with yer Bianchi and easily chipping paint?

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