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chickenfried 08-09-07 02:07 PM

Different style riding a road bike vs. mountain bike in the city
Hi guys,
Contemplating a road bike purchase. Used to be addicted to MTB'ing. Still commute with them occasionaally. But I think I'm ready for my first road bike. Well maybe second, does a schwinn traveller from the 70's count:)?

But I was wondering about how riding differs on the pavement between a road bike and a mountain bike. I can pretty much ride over anything in a mtb big potholes, manhole covers, rain no problem. The only time I've crashed on the road, riding a mountain bike was because of shenanigans. Seems like you'd have to be more aware of road hazards on a road bike. Instead of going over things it might be a better idea to ride around them. Is this just my mind making stuff up or do you really have to relearn riding on the street when you switch?

stapfam 08-09-07 02:41 PM

Be more carefull of potholes- manhole covers and white lines in the wet. Also watch out for cars in traffic as you catch them a lot quicker than on an MTB. Still bunny hop Potholes- get out of the saddle for manhole covers- and don't turn the bars on white lines.

jjvw 08-10-07 04:20 PM

The few times I've ridden a mountain bike on the road, I felt like I had much less traction during turns and on wet pavement. I attribute all that to the knobby tires. Having ridden skinny, slick tires on the rough streets of Chicago for three solid years including winters, I would not worry about slipping, bending or breaking anything unless you are being reckless.

If you don't already, learn avoid or "ride light" over bumps and holes. Just pay attention to the road conditions. Also, remember that bikes are not delicate.

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