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steaktaco 08-09-07 05:37 PM

Moved from framebuilders: Frame ID
I've been scouring the web to determine the origin of this frame. I got it on ebay a year ago and am about to get it repainted. There are no serial numbers. It's built with Deda SAT 14.5 tubes and Deda Blacktail2 stays. I'm pretty sure its Italian because of the hidden headset.

There is a Viner that uses the same dropouts, hidden headset, and square chainstay. But it has the cable adjuster at the downtube instead of the head tube. And the cable adjuster on mine is flared in shape like a trumpet.

There are also Canadian Cramerottis that look similar, but again the cable adjuster doesn't match. Also, the steel monostay is cut at a different angle. In that regards, the Viner is almost identical.

Thanks, I appreciate any help.

steaktaco 08-09-07 05:43 PM


I also discovered this Olmo which has an identical steel frame, down to the head tube boss, but different stays.

And then I found this site. I suspect a lot of Italian frames are made in Taiwan these days. But is it possible they all get if from the same source? You gotta admit, similar tube sets aside, the frames from the site referrenced look eerily similar to the Olmos, the Viners, the Mosers, the Carreras, etc.

Is it like the Motobecane/Windsor/Mercier scenario?

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