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Trekke 11-25-07 07:16 AM

05 Sarthe Crank Problems
A while back there was a post concerning the finish on the original Bontrager crankset that came on the 05 Sarthe. I just wanted to followup with the experience I have had with my Sarthe and was wondering if anyone else has had this same issue. 8 months after purchase the finish started peeling away from the cranks. The LBS was able to get this replaced under warranty with the exact same crank. Well in 8 more months the same exact thing happened. I sent pictures to Trek and they (without question) sent a brand new Bontrager Race Lite Carbon crankset.

I also had an issue with the rear wheel. The spokes were pulling through the wheel wall. Trek again (after 24 months) replaced without question.

The warranty service and service from the LBS has been wonderful however I wonder about the quality control of these components.

clausen 11-25-07 07:32 AM

Sorry to hear about your problems. I remember that bike well as I was considering purchasing one. Wish I had sometimes. Loved the colour, steel and Campy. Glad to hear your LBS is helpful.

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