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htfiles 04-22-08 11:53 PM

converting older Mavic Ksyrium ('02?) freehub body from Shimano to Campag?
Anyone know how?

I know freehub bodies can be bought ie

The bike shop doing the conversion has been unable to find a freehub cassette body that fits this older Mavic Ksyrium wheel. I've already got the Chorus cassette to put on but now it's looking like I may have to get a Mavic cassette that slots onto a Shimano freehub body and is spaced for Capagnolo.

I'd be grateful if anyone can point be in the right direction, or give suggestions.

ridethecliche 04-23-08 12:10 AM

If you can't find anything. Spend the 40 bucks for a shiftmate so you can use shimano cassettes with an otherwise campy drivetrain. No biggie.

I'm running a shimano cassette/chain on an otherwise campy drivetrain without one and it works fine, the shiftmate would make it a 'fix' instead of a 'mess with it till it works' solution.

htfiles 04-23-08 05:14 AM

Thanks for your response ridethecliche.

I've decided to go with the Mavic cassette even though it's not the cheapest solution. I'll be keeping my eye out in the future for a nice second hand rear wheel that can accept my Chorus cassette.

Here's a great PDF document I came across that discusses mix & matching drivetrain parts. I agree that the Jtek shiftmate seems to be one of the more elegant solutions.

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