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Flemz 04-23-08 07:38 AM

Help with which Scott bike to buy?
I'm just making the switch from mountain to road and have narrowed my choices down to a few bikes and would like some imput from some people that know a lot more than me. (all this is new to me). I really like and trust my local bike shop and I will be buying my new road bike from there. The three bikes i have narrowed it down to are, 2008 Scott speedster s20, 2007 Scott speedster s10, and they also still have a brand new 2006 Scott speedster s10 all for about the same price. Which one should i go with and why? Thanks, Adam

BlessedHellride 04-23-08 07:55 AM

Either the 07 S10 or the 06 S1. What are they asking for them? You should be getting a great deal for the 06.
I have the 06 S1 that I have been happy with. It is a nice stiff frame.

Flemz 04-23-08 08:06 AM

they are all within $250, around $1700 canadian.

Flemz 04-23-08 01:25 PM

I think i'm going to go with either the 08 s20 or the 06 s1, i just got back from the store and can't decide between these two? The 08 is $240 cheaper than the 06, but the 06 has full ultegra and the 08 has the 105's. Going to make my choice by Friday so we can get the ball rolling, what do you think? thanks

slim0861 04-23-08 02:04 PM

My vote goes to the '08 simply for the hydroformed front end.

Flemz 04-23-08 09:05 PM


Flemz 04-24-08 02:31 PM

Am i going to notice the difference between the 105 and the Utegra? Or the full CR1 carbon fork, carbon seat stays and seat post opposed to aluminum? I love the look of the 08 s20 but am i loosing a lot by goingwith this bike? thanks

Flemz 04-25-08 08:00 AM

any thoughts? i have to make a decision today, which one? thanks

BlessedHellride 04-25-08 08:07 AM

If you like the 08 s20 go for it. You really won't be unhappy with any of the choices. I feel they are overcharging for the 06 S1. Personally I would low ball them on the 06 S1 and see if they would take it.

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