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1150A 07-07-08 10:36 AM

IS this a good deal?

Homebrew01 07-07-08 10:43 AM

For $650 ?? Sounds fair.

Grasschopper 07-07-08 10:45 AM

I would post this over in classic and vintage for a more reasonable response.

I wouldn't pay $650 for it but I don't really want a bike that old...has no value to me. If you are looking for a classic bike them...well not being into the classics I have no clue really...ask in C&V.

MedicMan55 07-07-08 10:53 AM

Are you looking for a vintage racer, or are you looking to get into normal cycling? You'd probably have a better time buying a new bike.

CardiacKid 07-07-08 11:23 AM

If by "normal cycling" you mean the imaginary world of the Road Cycling forum, that may be correct. If by normal, you mean what most people do, you are way off base.

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