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Danielle 08-27-08 08:39 PM

Polar CS200CAD and Cumulative miles
I have always been able to set my total miles on my cycling computers. For instance when a battery wears out on the head unit, I would input my cumulative miles back into the computer after the battery was replaced. With the Polar I want to enter 15,715 miles as my starting point to keep track of my bike miles where I left off with my old computer. Is this possible?

jaxgtr 08-27-08 10:52 PM

Yes, You need to hold down all three buttons and do the reset function. It will allow you to add your miles in.

eb314 08-28-08 08:03 AM

Or you can use the polar update tool on your computer.

jaxgtr 08-28-08 02:40 PM

Yes, but you still have to use the 3 button thing

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