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Timomatt 03-23-12 09:40 PM

I want a bike that can do gravel paths would a road bike be okay or do i need a cx bike

fishymamba 03-23-12 10:21 PM

Originally Posted by Timomatt (Post 14009960)
I want a bike that can do gravel paths would a road bike be okay or do i need a cx bike

I would say that you should go for a CX bike or a road bike on which you can fit thick tires.

But a CX bike would be best

DubC 03-31-12 06:46 PM

I had my first derail today in 10th gear. I had slowed for pedestrians and when i past them I pedaled about three times and The chain fail off to the right in the front. Luckily I noticed and didn't keep pedaling. Is there something I did that could of caused this or does the bike need adjusting? I rode about 15 miles after this incident and all went well. i have had many derailing's in my life back when I rode bmx bikes and mountain bikes but had done something to cause it like jumping or wrecking. I haven't been the easiest on prior bikes but am trying to do right with this one.

Homebrew01 04-03-12 01:17 PM

Sounds like an adjustment problem. The high limit screw may need to be turned in a tiny bit.
You can go to the "Bicycle Mechanics" forum for these kinds of questions.

KoolAidnPizza 04-07-12 03:13 PM

Anybody want to give a basic run down of a lbs group ride for me? Kinda wanna kno what to expect,

RLTW 04-07-12 08:03 PM

Hey, new to the forum and road cycling. I recently bought a Trek Madone 3.1. I don't have any crazy questions just yet but I am sure they will come.

retucker03 04-09-12 08:51 AM

Hello. New to cycling- used to be very active as a competitive swimmer, but then I moved around a lot and got involved with work and my personal fitness got put to the back burner. Looking to get into cycling for fitness and maybe a few triathlons in the near future. I thought I would spend $300 on a used bike and then if I really liked the sport would upgrade. Well, after 6+ months trying to find something used with no luck have decided to bite the bullet and buy new. I increased my budget to ~$1000 and thought I had found a good fit with a 2011 Scott Contessa (forget the model), but then I tried a 2012 Cannondale Synapse 5 105 (aluminum) and then a 2012 Giant Avail Composite 2 (carbon). Both the Cannondale and Giant are a GREAT fit for me as far as frame, etc. and I didn't notice any huge difference in the ride, but the SRAM components on the Avail were PERFECT. I have little tiny hands and thought that my difficulty shifting was due to me just not being an experienced cyclist, but the SRAM shifters were a perfect fit for me and on my test ride I took off, working my way seamlessly through all the gears without little to no physical effort. So. much. fun. BUT the price tag on the Giant is almost $1000 more than I had planned to spend and $500 more than the Cannondale, and when you start out thinking you will only spend $300, $1800 is a little hard to swallow. I am willing to spend the money because it was such a great ride for me, but my family members who cycle are turning their noses up at the Giant brand name (they don't particularly like Cannondale either, but Giant was worse) which makes me worry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

retucker03 04-09-12 09:06 AM

Originally Posted by tarepanda (Post 13223603)
How crucial are bike shorts for a comfortable ride?

Definitely a must for a comfortable ride! You will be sore otherwise!

digibud 04-09-12 06:10 PM

giant fine
I forget who Giant produced bike for but if I recall correctly they were the maker of more than one brand of big name bikes and they now sell their own bikes. The idea that they aren't decent bikes is silly. Bike fit is such a critical thing. I'd rather have a good fitting decent bike than a poor fitting incredible bike. There is no reason to not buy a Giant bike if you find one with the type of geometry, materials and fit you like. People that are bike snobs that look down at one brand or another are foolish. Most brands are made in China to a company's specs. Three different big name brands may be built in the same factory using different specs and parts. Maybe if you were wanting a Huffy...

kali217 04-15-12 10:48 PM

Hi...not sure if I am in the right spot (feel free to yell at me) I am somewhat new to bike world and am looking at buying a Jamis Ventura comp femme 2011 road bike. Does anyone know what these should go for new? I am looking at one on craigslist for 950$ with around 20miles on it and no scratches and recent tuneup. Is this reasonable?

Anyone4tea 04-16-12 08:29 PM


I have a Fuji Silhouette 2010 and it came with Alx200 wheels. For the benefit of my cycle computer (Bell) what never do I need to enter into the computer please ? Any ideas gratefully received!


Anyone4tea 04-16-12 08:30 PM

Darn that autocorrect - that should have read 'what number' !

Fuzzmaster 05-14-12 10:49 AM

OK, here's a noobtastic question. I need a new rear wheel and I'm looking at a Mavic Aksium, but my cassette only has 6 gears and I don't know if it will fit? Couldn't find any help on their website...


prorobo 06-15-12 11:08 AM

This is some great information! Thank you!

bood747 06-17-12 11:24 AM

Help deciding between 3 bikes
Hi i need some help deciding between 3 bikes. 2011 Gt gtr carbon sport s105 $1300,2011 Kestrel rt1000 s105 $1600, 2012 Cannondale super 6 apex $1600. Thanks guys

cocar 06-19-12 10:26 AM

This is definitely a stupid newbie question, but here goes: I've only been cycling for a few months. I started to rehab a knee after knee surgery that resulted when I was run over as a spectator at a bike race. You can read about that story in the introductions page if you want a good laugh. Anyway, I'm tiny...5'3, 100 lbs. I live on the west coast of florida, where it's completely flat, but frequently windy. I'm having a hell of a time in the wind, basically getting blown all over the road. Is there anything I can do to make this easier? Does it just get better in time as I get stronger? I am getting stronger, slowly...

Babatarsky 06-26-12 09:01 PM

In my area there is a Craig's List posting for a Scott Speedster S-30 and it is asking $700. The following link has the specs:
The person that is selling the bike is 1" shorter than my self, so I am hopping for a good fit.

Is this a good price? If not how do I haggle the price down?
Are there any warning signs that should I look out for?
I have been itching to hit the road and I hope that I find the right bike.

AK404 07-04-12 01:13 PM

I'd like to start upgrading the grouppo on my bike from 105 to Ultegra. If I had to do it piece-by-piece (as opposed to do it all in one go), in what order should I start upgrading parts? What parts can I afford to keep at 105?

LowCel 07-04-12 01:23 PM

Originally Posted by AK404 (Post 14439800)
I'd like to start upgrading the grouppo on my bike from 105 to Ultegra. If I had to do it piece-by-piece (as opposed to do it all in one go), in what order should I start upgrading parts? What parts can I afford to keep at 105?

If it were me I would keep the front derailleur, rear derailleur, cassette, brakes, and shifters. You aren't going to notice much difference at all going from 105 to Ultegra.

speedwobbles 07-09-12 01:45 PM

Do we really have to click "go advanced" and then uncheck that box every single time to avoid subscribing to threads or can we change the default setting?

10 Wheels 07-09-12 01:57 PM

Originally Posted by speedwobbles (Post 14458576)
Do we really have to click "go advanced" and then uncheck that box every single time to avoid subscribing to threads or can we change the default setting?

Go to General Setting: Left side of settings menu.

Default Thread Subscription Mode:

giantdefy3 07-15-12 10:53 AM

ok so i am thinking of ways to drop a little weight off the bike, cost wise for me i'm thinking brake calipers? my question is do i have to replace th whole cables, levers etc... or can i just replace the caliper units? i have 105's and i am looking at ultegra or dura ace. thanks

cjthomasuk 07-15-12 01:54 PM

Hi Guys

I was looking for a bit of advice.... I'm looking to get my first "serious" road bike and I'm looking for some guidance on your views and experiences. Looking to spend about 2000 - 3000.

I really like Scott & Felt bikes but I'm open to any really.

These are the models I'm currently considering, any advice on the big differences and how "big" the really are in the context of pricing would be great:

Felt F4 -

Felt AR4 -

Felt F3 -

Scott Foil 30 -

Scott Foil 20 -

Scott CR1 Pro -

With the Scott bikes they also have two choices on the drivetrain Compact & Double, what's the difference??

Love to hear what you guys think.



roborovski007 07-23-12 06:48 AM

Started road cycling a few months back, been training about 1 hour a day for everyday with a day off a week. Just signed up for an upcoming century and will be my first one this coming september, cyclist whoever completes below 8 hours will receive a medal. Need training guide from you guys out there that can improve my cycling hopefully to complete it with lesser time. Maybe 5 or 6 ?

Darren Brown 08-06-12 12:12 AM

Newbie, so not sure where best to post this. Looking to buy a bike, I am 45 years old, 5'10" 200lb, looking to get in some cardio work by cycling, I am looking at a few used bikes and one new one, wondering which way to go. Anyone got any suggestions on which one of these would be the best choice?

These used...
Vintage Benotto Road Bike - $125
Maruishi Bike -road bike - $230
Ibex 3300 Bicycle - Road Bike - $250
TREK 420 road bike - $250

This new...
GMC Denali Road Bike - $170 (New)


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