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Freakonwheels 09-30-08 02:36 AM

I'm so excited!
It looks like I might be getting a roadbike worth about $2000 (in New Zealand dollars) for just $100, through my sister's boyfriend. That's 5 percent of the original price! I just hope that it's not too big for me or anything. That would be devastating...

Fingers crossed.

Falchoon 09-30-08 03:18 AM

What type/brand?

Lizzylou 09-30-08 03:54 AM

You sound disturbingly like me. The custodian at work hates bringing me my packages, because a new shipment of books makes me jump around and clap my hands like a kid. (Which is also something I do with every major bike purchase).

rankin116 09-30-08 09:10 AM

...that you just can't hide it?

Freakonwheels 09-30-08 09:30 PM

OP is wrong. It's worth $1200 not $2000. 2k would really be way too good to be true.

RacerOne 09-30-08 09:37 PM

That's cool none the less. Lucky you.

Freakonwheels 10-06-08 03:25 AM

Oh, update, I've paid 60 out of the 100 for the bike and will get it soon hopefully. It's silver, and it's an "Avanti". Avanti are good because they sponsor Olympics athletes. :)

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