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frictionless 09-30-08 07:06 AM

Don't lock bike to scaffolding/ Specialized Sequoia light blue bike stolen
On September 28th, some scumbags stole my bike by taking apart and taking away the scaffolding that I locked it to. Warning: never do this! This was in NYC on Broadway at 12th St. It's a Specialized Sequoia Elite, 47cm, light blue, road bike. I've only had it for two months and it got me through the Swiss Alps. Even though I think the likelihood that this posting will help, there is one factor that might help me find my bike. It has OnGuard security locks on the wheels, which I swapped out for my quick releases. I am the only person on the planet that has the key. If you have any leads to the whereabouts of my bike, please write. I'm mostly resigned to not getting the bike, but it would be great to not let the bike thieves get away with this crap yet again. See attachment for photo.

waterrockets 09-30-08 07:38 AM

Yeah, locking your bike to a temporary structure is never a good idea. You have to watch parking meters and sign posts too, as some of them can pull out of the ground.

Sorry for your loss, but I wouldn't trust a bike on scaffolding for anything longer than a quick corner-store trip where I could see the bike for the whole 3.5 minutes.

TCR 09-30-08 07:52 AM

Damn bike thieves pretending to be workers! :mad:

Sorry to hear bike was stolen.

kraftwerk 09-30-08 07:54 PM

go to the east village maybe cracky is trying to sell your bike right now, also check craigs list post it on craigs list as stolen and
is supposed to be a good thing.
You learn the hard way sometimes...

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