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threeflys 09-30-08 09:54 AM

Interesting to watch
So, I was going through some boxes in my garage of some old video tapes and found a recording of the '91 Tour. It's really interesting to see all the pre-carbon bikes and also the fashions. As this recording was homemade before DVRs, it's also pretty interesting to see all the commercials. I will say that Phil Liggett looks MUCH younger! Also, the coverage we have now is SO much better. You may not be a Bob Roll fan, but he is infinitly more interesting than Sam Posey! BTW- This was the year after Lemond's final win and it turned out to be his final Tour, he is definitly the featured rider. He actually was pretty willing to do a lot of PR stuff for ABC, a bit different tack than Lance took...

Anyway, it's kinda fun to watch (BTW- I recorded this while a junior in HS!)


Ih8lucky13 09-30-08 10:09 AM

I am almost certain 1991 was not Greg Lemond's final Tour.

threeflys 09-30-08 10:17 AM

You could be right, but according this '91 would have been the last one he finished. I don't remember if he started in '92 or not.

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