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erliuic 12-04-08 12:14 PM

Originally Posted by logdrum (Post 7908511)
Nice wheels. I thought i was the only guy on BF using 32 spoke wheels.

64 spokes here too. I weigh 150 and my wheels have survived monster potholes. High spoke wheels rock.

ridethecliche 12-04-08 01:55 PM

Originally Posted by urbanknight (Post 7963485)
I didn't realize there was a company named Ridgeback in the bicycle industry already. I just named it after my dog who's main breed is Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I've seen one of those dogs, and they are freaking BEAUTIFUL. Crazy how dogs with their breeding can be so good with kids and such.

For those who don't know, ridgebacks were bred in Africa to keep Lions away from herds. They are so badass!

Mr. Beanz 12-04-08 02:14 PM

Well 'Ridgeback' is taken. You can always go with 'Brokeback Wheels'!:roflmao2:

urbanknight 12-04-08 02:35 PM

Originally Posted by Mr. Beanz (Post 7964257)
Well 'Ridgeback' is taken. You can always go with 'Brokeback Wheels'!:roflmao2:

Of course, and my signature would be building the wheels with colored nipples in a rainbow order.

cuda2k 12-06-08 10:45 PM

My new Conti 4000s tires arrived last night, just in time for today's club ride. I was happy to find that it took little more than fingers to get the Conti tires wrapped around the Ambrosio rims. The silver lettering on the tires really do compliment the rims nicely.

The ride start got pushed to 10:30, so I decided to ride to the start (an extra 16mi round trip), did the 43mi club ride, and then the few extra miles I needed to hit 63mi for the day. I felt horrible most of the day, but my legs and the bike felt great. Got a number of compliments on the wheels (the Serotta always draws attention anyways so the new wheels were pointed out). I'm hoping the next ride I head out on with the wheels I'll feel a little better so I can get a better feel for the wheels closer to my limits. I will say that the corners and downhill turns I did take today felt as smooth and confident as ever. Braking surface on the rims are just as good as my Mavic Open Pros I had taken off if not better.

gabdy 12-06-08 11:06 PM

Originally Posted by cuda2k (Post 7894333)
As luck would have it I was home this morning when the UPS guy arrived with two packages from me. One, a jersey I picked up on for a ridiculously low price, the other the much longer awaited new wheelset for the Serotta.

BikeForums member urbanknight announced some time ago that he was looking for a few people to exchange waving the labor charge of a wheel build for honest reviews of his work. I jumped on the opportunity, and then proceeded to drag my feet about what wheels I wanted to build (sorry about that...) All through my indecisiveness, urbanknight was great to work with and responded quickly to all my questions.

At last, it was the decision to rebuild my 83 Gazelle with modern campagnolo parts that finally got the plan finalized. The wheels I had been running on my Serotta (Mavic Open Pros laced to Campagnolo Daytona (aka Centaur) hubs. I was very happy with those wheels and knew I wanted something similar, but different, and I already had a set of NOS Daytona hubs in the spare parts pile. After some research, discussion with urbanknight, and likely one too many threads here on Bikeforums, I decided on Ambrosio Excellight SSC rims, a standard 32h, 3x pattern front and rear. DT Revolution spokes make up the front wheel and non-driveside rear. I went with lightly heavier DT Competition spokes on the rear drive side to help even out tension.

Initial Reactions:

1) Supurb packing. It cost a little more to ship than the barebones minimum to get the job done, but was well worth it. Lots of extra cardboard to secure the wheels in place, shrink wrapped rims to protect the finish should anything rub against them.

2) Spoke tension charts / graphs included for both wheels. More information about the build of the wheels and the tension in the spokes than I should ever need. It was an unexpected but much welcomed addition. I have a spoke tension meter here so I can spot check spokes after a few rides to see if there has been any changes.

3) Sharp looking wheels. Seeing the Ambrosio Excellight in person finally I have to say they are a sharp looking rim, certainly an option for anyone looking for an Open Pro alternative. They're going to look nice paired up with the Conti 4000S tires I plan to order later today for the wheels.

4) Near perfect horizontal and vertical true. A lot closer than I've had wheels come out of the package new from Campagnolo, and closer than I've had wheels come back from a truing at the shop even. And certainly closer than the wheels I tend to build myself have been. :lol:

Now, enough talk, how about some photos? :D

More photos and a full in-depth review of the wheels once I get tires on them and the whole package out on the road.

I see you've embraced the new trend of tyreless riding, congrats.

waterrockets 12-06-08 11:07 PM

Somehow I missed this thread...

Nice bike there cuda2k, and nice build UK. I built an Ambrosio Excellence around a PowerTap for a bfer, and I was really impressed with the rim quality. I'm glad the Park link helped you out. Wheels look great :beer:

cuda2k 12-07-08 04:49 PM

Originally Posted by gabdy (Post 7978286)
I see you've embraced the new trend of tyreless riding, congrats.

The sparks given off by riding tireless works so much better than a rear blinky to warn cars you are ahead.

see previous post from me to see tires on the new wheels....

Bontrager 12-07-08 09:36 PM

Originally Posted by umd (Post 7895987)
It's gonna be hard to ride that bike without tires :p

I heard those rims track like they're on rails :roflmao2:

JayC 12-07-08 09:44 PM

Originally Posted by cuda2k (Post 7981425)
The sparks given off by riding tireless works so much better than a rear blinky to warn cars you are ahead.

see previous post from me to see tires on the new wheels....

This is a true story.

The owner of an LBS I frequent was out on a solo training ride and got a flat. As he had no spare and no cell phone, he rode the bike back to his shop 8 miles ON THE RIM.

Ive seen the rim and it was FUBAR'd but he was like "Well, it only cost me a rim to fix it" so I guess it wasnt a big deal to him.

Al Bundy 12-08-08 12:17 AM

64 spokes here too.
Just a note to say UrbanKnight built a set of Velocity Fusion, XT/Ultegra hubs with 14/15/14 DT Competion spokes for our tandem. Am not a wheel expert, but they seem fine and run true after several hundred miles. When combined with 25c tires they give a significant weight saving from our previous set (28c tires on 40 spoke Velocity Dyads on HF08 tandem hubs).
The wheels were so good they even made the online edition of the newspaper in Tucson, (though its not a great detail shot of his work).

I would recommend Brian and will have him build some more wheels for me in the future.

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