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mzeffex 04-22-10 07:51 PM

Originally Posted by wanders (Post 10710715)
Tsuru's a mod now?



I see what you did thar.

mzeffex 04-22-10 07:52 PM

Originally Posted by Yaniel (Post 10710752)
that might become uncomfortable.

I lol'd

wanders 04-22-10 07:54 PM

Went to drop off a bunch of stuff at Goodwill today. Found this for $2.

mzeffex 04-22-10 07:57 PM

That actually played next to the shop I work at in the move theater. Shame I missed it.

Grammar fail, whatever.

rangerdavid 04-22-10 07:58 PM

Originally Posted by NathanC (Post 10709767)
You bought an extremely tiny 3T stem?

yes, but they said it would make me very very fast!!

rjones28 04-22-10 09:48 PM

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Got a couple of plain jerseys and a new set of pedals.

Drag 04-23-10 12:18 AM

Got a new MTB helmet. Thinking of doing a few MTB stints (my cycling roots) this year.

Miami Dave 04-23-10 01:23 PM

I, or should I say the wifey got one of these in white:

grahny 04-23-10 01:35 PM

Drag 04-23-10 01:47 PM

Originally Posted by grahny (Post 10713860)

Ooohh. Me likey.

lotek 04-23-10 01:59 PM

DT swiss competion spokes.
Prologo Nago saddle
Prologo Choice saddle
Gommitalia Espresso tubular tires

rdtompki 04-23-10 03:17 PM

Two Arundel Sideloader WB cages for my stoker. We have nice SS cages, but it's a bear to get a 24 oz. WB out from the stoker position. Selfishly, my wife won't have to stop pedaling for but a nanosecond.

mzeffex 04-23-10 05:23 PM

A Hincapie Giant C.I.D jersey.. it's really nice. I got a L. I don't know, I mean, it's good that it is too big, although I really hate how I just got it and I need to resell it.

Mr Zippy 04-24-10 01:35 AM

White Ultegra Hudz
K-Edge Chain Catcher
Planetbike 1-Watt Headlight
Fibreflare rear light (now I have two of these and two headlights - I can probably be seen from the Moon at night now. I highly recommend the Fibreflares)
Giro Monaco Gloves
Mini Grease Gun (non-Speedplay) to grease my Speedplay Zeros for the first time

midgetmaestro 04-24-10 05:31 AM

Picked up some nice rx glasses

lung 04-24-10 05:33 AM

dgasmd 04-24-10 09:15 AM

In Black

Was running out from my last can more than 2 years ago.

Always liked this design

Got both, the black and the white one

Black ones

Got these black ones to replace the ones I tore up in a crash a few months ago. I use these during the week to simply protect my shoes from all the water and dirt on the roads during my weekday rides. Very easy to get on and off.

EKCooper 04-24-10 05:33 PM

Woo hoo!
I really hated the FSA crank on my Cervelo. Got this installed today. An all Ultegra group shifts so much better!

BrooklyntoNYC 04-24-10 08:09 PM

Onguard Rottweiler 5025 armored bike cable lock (
Planet bike Blaze 2 Watt LED headlight (
Nashbar brand headsweat band (
Headsweats Midcap (
(2) Sigma BC906 ( and

rjones28 04-24-10 10:23 PM

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Couldn't stand to put those new Time cleats on my old Diadoras, so I got these...

siran 04-24-10 10:41 PM

Rear tire got f*cked by some unknown object on PCH, so had to get a new tire... Mismatched tires, woot.


Machka 04-25-10 03:08 AM

I've purchased several new things lately ...

My new rain jacket ...

My titanium frame, complete with bottle cages ...

Just to name a couple.

chrism32205 04-25-10 05:26 AM

i'm paramount 04-25-10 05:44 AM

Only 2 months old --

67vdubya 04-25-10 08:19 AM

Just getting back into cycling.., =/ i had an older specialized allez sport with full 105 components that i wish i never sold... i got into cars and drag racing for a while and slowly did the unthinkable... got lazy... then eventually sold my bike for car parts... DAMN! oh well now i want to get back in shape and it's all coming back to me (Thank GOD!) after trying prob 10 different bikes i finally decided get a scattante... yes a scattante 2010 cfr comp.... i like the 105 stuff and if i gotta replace it i will. i was soooo close to buying a scott cr1 thats a nice bike but i got better components on the scattante and i got money back with points... heres a full list of what i bought...

scattante cfr comp 2010 model
luis garneau helmet
two pairs of shorts ( still need some jerseys)
a wireless comp cateye double with cadence
speedplay x5 pedals
and scott comp shoes ( got these for $37 shipped off ebay brand new!!!!)
i havent got the bike yet but i tried one out in the store and the new cfr frames are really nice in my opinion.... i hate scattante name but what ever.. its a beautiful bike and right in my price range.

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