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a_phat_beat 04-25-10 09:58 AM

Originally Posted by midgetmaestro (Post 10716514)

that's been my favorite bottle to use for a loooong time. good buy!

i just picked up a set of these. used, in flawless condition.
for my bum.

FreddyV 04-25-10 10:39 AM

Originally Posted by Machka (Post 10719740)
I've purchased several new things lately ...

My new rain jacket ...

My titanium frame, complete with bottle cages ...

Just to name a couple.

Aren't you forgetting the Brooks on the frame?

Quel 04-25-10 11:34 AM

Toupe 143. I had a Forte SLX but I think it was just breaking down, and I was starting to get numbing in the drops when I didn't use to.

Machka 04-25-10 09:43 PM

Originally Posted by FreddyV (Post 10720611)
Aren't you forgetting the Brooks on the frame?

The Brooks isn't new ... it's one I bought a year or more ago. I have only ridden it a few times and I'm not sure if I'm going to try to break it in, or use one of Rowan's that is already partially broken in.

Phil85207 04-25-10 11:02 PM
and Mavic SL Premium Superlights for it.

X-LinkedRider 04-26-10 06:45 AM

ordered these last night -

Also should be getting new Giro indicator Helmet, Nashbar Earth Jersey, Fox Sleeveless Jersey, another pair of Canari Gel shorts, and a couple of odds and ends.

Yaniel 04-26-10 07:04 AM

Originally Posted by Quel (Post 10720754)
Toupe 143. I had a Forte SLX but I think it was just breaking down, and I was starting to get numbing in the drops when I didn't use to.

i made the same change. while i thought the slx was comfortable, the toupe team 143 was a whole other world of comfort.

JohnDThompson 04-26-10 07:48 AM


X-LinkedRider 04-26-10 07:58 AM

I am sure that chair is comfortable, but is this something you keep around just so you can do mushrooms every now and then?

Side note: Nice jersey ;)

AMFJ 04-27-10 12:28 PM

1 Attachment(s)

Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly in Black

simonaway427 04-27-10 12:52 PM

sixate 04-27-10 01:14 PM

New saddle.

chrism32205 04-27-10 05:48 PM In Red

X-LinkedRider 04-27-10 08:09 PM

I ordered a few things just to increase the wardrobe and decrease the laundry cycle. New Helmet (Giro Indicator), Sleeveless Fox Jersey (Medium), Short Sleeve Nashbar Earth Jersey (Medium), Canari Gel Cycling Shorts (Medium).

Also picked up the Shimano SPD Pedals from Wordbiker. Thanks again!

Cactuskid 04-27-10 08:15 PM

just picked this up saturday :)

X-LinkedRider 04-27-10 08:17 PM

Originally Posted by Cactuskid (Post 10733557)

Awesome, Congrats Cactus. No real pictures yet?

Cactuskid 04-27-10 08:26 PM

Originally Posted by X-LinkedRider (Post 10733565)
Awesome, Congrats Cactus. No real pictures yet?

yeah I need to do that, my wheels are better than stock picture. did another short 10 miler on it today in 96 degree heat, self- fitting

CyciumX 04-27-10 08:27 PM

Hopefully, I can catch some really good, crazy stuff this coming weekend.. even bad is good on video, right? :D

Cactuskid 04-27-10 08:31 PM

I ordered this for my new Cervelo anyone else got one? how do you like it??

CyciumX 04-27-10 08:34 PM

Thats next on the list. I know you can step up to more input options down the line as money comes in, but I think I might hold out until I can get a proper power management system or some insane 150 dollar deal...heh

dgasmd 04-28-10 03:37 AM

Originally Posted by Cactuskid (Post 10733557)

Nice frame!

jetbike 04-28-10 04:07 AM

Originally Posted by JohnDThompson (Post 10723921)

So awesome.

X-LinkedRider 04-28-10 03:36 PM

Anxious for my wheels to come in. Picked up the new rubber and tubes, plus a chain whip tool so I am ready.
2 Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase 700x23
2 Bontrager Presta Tubes
1 Chain Whip Tool.

RomeoTango 04-28-10 05:59 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Continental Gatorskins....

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